Interview with our CEO Rob Maroschik
PLITCH CEO Rob took some time to share a few insights on his favorite codes and his quest to make gaming more accessible
PLITCH's Great Ancestor: The Game Genie
Game Genie understood that gaming should be fun. With PLITCH we want to carry on its legacy.
PLITCH Easter Livestream for Gaming Aid
From 04/01/2021 - 04/05/2021, we will be hosting an Easter charity livestream for Gaming Aid on Twitch and on YouTube.
Getting You Back to Playing the Games You Love 
PLITCH’s growing library of 33,700 customization options allow you to get back to enjoying the games you love.
Try For Free, Love Forever.
You can try PLITCH for free right now, and over 10% of our featured games are fully accessible in the free version!
You’ve been stuck in the same spot for hours. Hours of suffering, tedium, and frustration - but that was before PLITCH!
How PLITCH Helps Esports Athletes Reach Their Peak
Our Hardcore and Nightmare training options are designed to challenge you and to help you grow your skills.
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