Do I need to register to use the PLITCH services?
Yes. Only with registration, you can use our services.
What are the minimum system requirements for PLITCH?
To install PLITCH you need Microsoft Windows 7 64bit or higher. For the best experience, we recommend Windows 10.
Is there a MAC version of PLITCH?
No. Due to a variety of technical as well as legal reasons we currently do not offer a Mac version of our software.
My cheats are not working properly - What can I do?
Please check if you’ve chosen the correct game version on the game page in PLITCH. For most games, the version number can either be found in the main menu or within the .exe of the game (right-click - Properties - Details). If the game's version matches the one in PLITCH, make sure to carefully read the cheat descriptions we provide for every single cheat and - if provided - the "Important cheat info" displayed on game selection within PLITCH or with the red information icon. If your cheats still do not work as intended you can send us a support-ticket!
I'm having issues with PLITCH. What can I do?
Your trainer not working properly can have a variety of reasons. Here we have listed the most common questions and solutions:

Admin rights:
The trainer should always be run with admin rights. To do this, right-click on the Plitch.exe and select "Run as administrator".

Game version and platform:
Please check if you’ve chosen the correct game version on the game page in PLITCH. For most games, the version number can either be found in the main menu or within the .exe of the game (right-click - Properties - Details).
Games more often than not, get published on different platforms.
The most common PC platforms are: Steam, GOG, Origin, U-Play, Microsoft-Store and Epic-Store versions.
Please check if you have selected the right platform in PLITCH.
We only create trainers for legit copies of games, i. e. so-called scene releases and other illegal versions are not supported by us and we do not provide any form of support for them, e. g. in our forum.

Reboot and missing/corrupted files:
A fresh and clean installation of PLITCH often helps.
If possible check your game files for missing or corrupted files!

In most cases, it is not necessary to change the DEP status. For a few games, however, it is necessary for the DEP to be active, otherwise, the trainer will not work. For those games, the trainer will show you a hint to change the DEP status. Besides, some games require DEP to be active or inactive. If you change the DEP status, you have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect!
I want cheats for multiplayer - Do you offer them as well?
No! We do not support cheats and cheaters in multiplayer games due to ethical reasons. Secondly, the legality of multiplayer cheats is controversial enough as it is. Please note that in accordance with our general terms and conditions we reserve the right to ban accounts, which have verifiably tried to use our cheats in any multiplayer environment.
Can I use PLITCH on more than one computer?
Yes. Every user can use PLITCH on up to three PCs. However, it can only be used by one at a time.
How do I get support at PLITCH?
If you have a problem with our website or PLITCH, you can send us a ticket by clicking on the "support" menu-button within PLITCH. Our support team will try to get back to you as fast as they can.
How can I cancel my premium-subscription?
1. If you have a non-recurring premium membership it will automatically expire.
2. If you have a recurring premium membership and want to cancel, you have to open a Support-Ticket (Category: Payment - Subject: cancelation). Our support will take care of this as quickly as possible.
For all FIRST TIME customers, we offer a voluntary 20 day refund called "Money Back Guarantee" (MBG). This service must not be claimed more than once per member since it is intended to exclusively provide new customers with the ability to revoke their purchase in case they are not satisfied with our products or contents. The MBG cannot be applied to premium memberships with runtimes shorter than 3 months. Any (attempted) abuse of the MGB shall result in the same consequences as stated in under GTC.
How can I claim the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?
In order to claim the MBG it is necessary to execute the following steps impeccably:
Step 1: Open a new ticket within the PLITCH software or website (must be logged in) and choose "Payment" as category.
Step 2: Enter "Moneyback +" followed by your username into the subject line.
Step 3: Please give us a reason within the text field why you chose to revoke your premium membership and make use of the Money Back Guarantee. Hit "Send" when you are done.
Your e-mail will be processed by one of our support members as soon as possible and your money will be fully refunded to your original payment method if you are eligible for the MBG. Please keep in mind that with receipt of your ticket we reserve the right to immediately pause your premium membership. Upon confirmation of eligibility your premium membership will then be deactivated. As a result, you will instantly lose access to all premium features and your membership status will be reset to "free". If you are not entitled to the MBG, any pause of your premium membership will be canceled, and the concluded contract shall continue regardless.
I need support - Can I write you an email?
No. Due to the number of users, we are simply not able to answer individual e-mails. Please read the FAQ carefully. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please open a support-ticket as explained in the steps above!
I submitted a ticket, but didn't get an answer, yet - What can I do?
It might sometimes happen, that a ticket is not being processed immediately. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, the most common ones being weekends and holidays! Sometimes we receive a lot more tickets than anticipated, in that case, tickets will be prioritized and processed accordingly. Our answer: Just wait a bit longer, our customer care department is aware of all open tickets and will definitely get back to you!
What is the PLITCH LINK app?
PLITCH Link connects with your PLITCH desktop app, allowing you to easily monitor and activate cheats in your favorite PC games. Remembering hotkeys is a thing of the past!
Which OS is supported by the mobile app?
Android 6 (Marshmallow) or newer - iOS coming soon!
How do I link the mobile app to my PLITCH desktop client?
Your PLITCH Client (PC) and your mobile device need to be connected to the same wifi network. Once they are both in the same network your computer should show up automatically and you can connect.
My computer is not displayed on the list of computers that I can connect to?
Check the wifi connection of your mobile device. Both, your computer and your mobile device have to be connected to the same network. Also, PLITCH needs to be running on your PC. Only one mobile device at the same time can be connected to your desktop client.
Why does it sometimes take longer to activate cheats?
The time it takes to activate certain cheats hinges on a variety of factors but mostly boils down to the speed of your local RAM as well as the game's internal code/engine.
How can I update my mobile app?
If you have automatic updates disabled for your apps, go to the Google Play Store and search for PLITCH LINK. Tap update next to PLITCH LINK.
My issue is not listed, what can I do?
If your question could not be answered here, we encourage you to get in contact with our superb customer support department. The easiest way to do that is to open a support ticket in your PLITCH client or on the website in your profile.
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