Oh, we wish we lived in Italy. Students there have a full 13 weeks of summer vacation. In Germany, we have to make do with a meager 6. But anyway, this blog is aimed at showing you that learning can be fun or at least made easier and more interesting. You guessed it, there are games that can kindle your interest. This time let’s talk about history.

Instead of reading history books, we recommend you find your fun in historically accurate games. The advantage is that history becomes alive and tangible for you. If you just try to pound knowledge into your head without being interested in it, you usually forget it after a few weeks if not days. It’ll probably all be gone after the exam or test you needed it for is over.

The games we present today are considered the best in the genre and celebrated by players and critics around the world. Fun is guaranteed, and you'll become a history pro along the way. By the way, we'll also show you how you can cheat in them without a teacher giving you a bad grade.

1) Europa Universalis IV

The first game is a modern classic, which has received an almost endless number of DLCs. Developer Paradox doesn't do things half-heartedly. In Europa Universalis IV you can choose from hundreds of nations and raise your empire to world power. You start before the Renaissance Age and the regular end is at the time of the revolution.

However, most players’ empires perish sooner, as chance and your opponents are merciless in Europa Universalis IV. From civil war to assassinations of your monarchs to the loss of your bloodline, a lot of scenarios can finish you off.

To counteract this and survive the centuries, PLITCH offers you useful cheats. For example, you can customize the stability of your empire, your prestige, or your military. Additional gold can also be generated.

By the way, the game is approved by PEGI for children from the age of 12. Those of you who want to learn something about early modern European history will get the most out of this game. You’ll get to know more about religious wars, great discoveries, and scientific revolutions – your history teacher and fellow students will surely be impressed!

2) A Total War Saga: Troy

In A Total War Saga: Troy, turn-based strategy is combined with action. You'll play as one of eight heroes based on actual Greek sagas, and have to lead your respective country to victory. The title is suitable for teens from the age of 16 and comes from the same developers that brought the fantastic main series of Total War to the screens.

Historically, the game is set in the 13th or 12th century BC. As in other Total War games, you make strategic decisions on the world map turn by turn. The actual battles can either be fought automatically or - what is even better - you can fight them yourself in real-time.

The Trojan War is an event that’s hard to imagine from today’s perspective, so this game helps you get a better grasp of what happened back then. Learn more about Achilles, Hector, Menelaus, and other important figures and ace your next history test!

To make your campaigns of conquest easier, you can use our PLITCH cheats to increase your gold, farm resources, or give your hero better stats. A hardcore mode is also possible - reduce your food to manually increase the difficulty and create your own personal challenge.

By now, 6 DLCs have already been released for the game, which was published in 2021. These DLCs provide you with more historical content and let you experience the history of the Trojan War in even more detail.

3) Total War: Three Kingdoms

Like the second title in our list, Total War: Three Kingdoms was also developed by Creative Assembly. They have been in charge of all Total War games so far, and have now improved their formula to perfection. Turn-based strategy as well as economic and diplomatic decisions determine the world map, and in the battles, you get to command your soldiers in real time and lead them to victory.

Your next exam is about ancient China? Then Three Kingdoms is perfect for you since it’s set in China in the year 190 AD. With the support of 12 legendary warlords, it's your task to recruit followers and unite the torn empire under your leadership. Learn more about China’s greatest legends as well as the Guanxi System all while marveling at legendary landmarks such as the Great Wall of China.

The game is rated Teen and demands not only your military skills but also your diplomatic and economic skills - victory can’t be achieved solely by military means. Great politics and your economic strength also play a role. By the way, if you need help with any of this, simply activate PLITCH’s cheats and thus simplify the conquest of China.

4) Age of Empires IV

Hardly any other strategy game has been as long-awaited and longed for as Age of Empires IV. After all, the predecessor was released over a decade ago and the Definitive Editions of parts 2 and 3 were excellent remasters, but could only satisfy the hunger for new AoE content to a limited extent.

As for the historical background, you can choose from several campaigns in AoE 4. It’s up to you to experience either the year 1066, in which the Norman William invades England or the Hundred Year’s War between England and France. You also have the possibility to replay the rise of the Mongol Empire from the year 1,000 to 1,500 AD or choose the emergence of Russia.

Each campaign is unique and combines the realities of each era with the typical Age of Empires strengths: a satisfying construction part that lets you build beautiful and thriving cities, battles that don't get confusing and require a certain military skill, and the discovery of new technologies to reach new ages. So, this game is perfect for everyone who needs a broad knowledge of various historical topics. No matter if your teacher asks you about William the Conqueror or what happened between 1337 and 1453 – you’ll have all the answers!

With our PLITCH trainer, you'll have a whole 24 cheats at your disposal, with which you'll be able to customize the campaign or the game completely to your needs. This will make your game even more individual. By the way, Age of Empires IV is approved for children from the age of 12.

5) Crusader Kings III

We won't tell you the nickname of the fifth title in our list. Just know: marrying into circles of acquaintances and marrying off relatives plays a big role in Crusader Kings III. Like Europa Universalis IV, the game comes from Paradox but is - fortunately - not quite as complex. This makes it a good choice, especially for newcomers to the global strategy genre.

However, "not quite as complex" does not mean that it is simple, of course. From 867 to 1453 AD, you lead your chosen empire through the trials and tribulations of history. The faith of your people or nations plays a role, but also the abilities of your bloodline. Many a game has ended prematurely because descendants died or intelligence was not passed on.

Crusader Kings III, which is suitable for kids from the age of 12, does not give you a story in the form of a scripted campaign. Instead, you write your own story and can let your imagination run wild, e.g. with the following scenarios: Your wife cheats on you with a friendly king, while you marry off his daughter to your son, who, however, is only with her because of her genetic advantages and later has her killed to marry her maid. And no, we didn't make that up. This is exactly what can happen in the game.

With the help of our PLITCH cheats, you’re able to make sure that you fully concentrate on the fun aspects of the game and dampen the admittedly enormously high difficulty level a bit.

So, there’s no need to be scared of your history exam on the Middle Ages Crusader Kings III takes you through this time period and lets you experience everything firsthand. It also gives you an idea of what the world map, as well as country borders, looked like back then – how cool is that?

History has never been this exciting!

Gaming is not just an entertaining way to pass your leisure time. There are tons of benefits that you might not even be aware of, like it teaching you useful information for school and life effortlessly. As you probably just realized, the games in this list teach you aspects of history without you even thinking about wanting to learn anything. This is the best way of learning since it just happens automatically while you play and if you’re into the game you are bound to remember a thing or two.

Instead of memorizing year dates or the titles and names of rulers, you get to experience certain historic situations yourself in the five games we've suggested. They’ll even make geography an easier subject for you as many of these games include a map of Europe. If you get addicted to one of these games, you won’t even have to feel bad because gameplay equals studying for school.

And with our PLITCH cheats and trainers, it's even possible to customize these complex games to get the best possible gaming experience out of them. After all, the knowledge you’ll gain is what counts here, too, and if you get stuck, you won’t gain more insights into history. So, there is no room for frustration due to the difficulty of a game. With the PLITCH codes, you’ll be able to create a perfect environment for learning and maybe history will even become your favorite subject.

Happy Gaming!