Today we’re celebrating everyone’s favorite animals – dinosaurs! If you didn’t know that August 2 is Dinosaur Day that's not surprising since in terms of popularity the holiday can't compete with Easter or Christmas. In fact, even its origin is now unknown. Nevertheless, that doesn't change the fact that we’ll seize any opportunity to dive into the world of Jurassic Park & co. and to talk about the best dinosaur games on PLITCH.

So today is all about prehistoric monsters, long-extinct animal species, and a world without humankind. But don't worry - we won't be sticking to classics like Dino Crisis or Turok which defined the genre but are rather old school. The games we’ll showcase are modern and all of them are players' and critics' favorites.

In addition, we'll show you how to make good progress in them without much effort and how to have the most enjoyable gaming experience. Join us on a journey through time to the world of 65 million years ago.

1) Jurassic World Evolution I & II

Have you always wanted to take on the role of John Hammond or Simon Masrani? Then the Jurassic World Evolution series is just right for you. In the games, you can build your own dinosaur park.

Jurassic World Evolution was released in 2018 and features impressively detailed 3D graphics. However, the coolest thing about the game is that everything from the movies is at your disposal. From the iconic G-Class vehicles to the Indominus Rex, you have access to everything. Even the stylish helicopters in which Masrani plummeted to his death are available.

With our cheats, you have even more liberty regarding the layout and design of your park than the game intended. Simply increase your reputation in one or all categories, prevent sabotage to avoid frustration, or secure 5-star ratings for your dinosaurs. Even diseases and hunger can be eliminated.

At the end of 2021, the worthy successor Jurassic World Evolution II was released. In terms of content, you'll get a brand-new single-player campaign as well as features that weren't available in its predecessor - keyword: chaos theory. Just like Dr. Ian Malcolm, you can play through various scenarios and be surprised by the results. Just put dinosaurs that don't fit together at all into a common enclosure and see what happens.

To increase the fun even more we also offer various cheats for the game. Influence the skills of your employees, set needs such as hunger or power requirements to zero, or increase your money and resources.

2) Lego Jurassic World

How do you feel about recreating the best scenes from the first four Jurassic movies? That's exactly what you'll do in Lego Jurassic World, and as always with Lego games, it's enormously funny. The gameplay again consists of smaller puzzles, collecting things, and battles.

Lego Jurassic World

Escape the giant T-Rex from Jurassic Park 1 in your G-Class, roam through the forests populated with velociraptors from Forgotten World, or save your family from the Spinosaurus from Jurassic Park 3. Also, of course, a ride in the Gyrosphere from Jurassic World, in which the siblings Gray and Zach roared through the enclosures, is not to be missed.

Thanks to PLITCH's cheats, you can fully concentrate on the epic and humorous story. After all, sometimes it can get difficult or grind-heavy. With our help, the time limits in the races, mini-games, or while searching for red bricks aren’t a problem. You can also add mission-bricks by pressing a button or simply switch to Godmode to be invulnerable.

3) Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter you virtually follow in the footsteps of Dr. Alan Grant. In the 2022 simulation game, you play as a paleontologist exploring an open game world whose secrets need to be uncovered. Excavate the skeletons of long-extinct creatures and prepare them for their existence in the museum.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Visit several countries, drive around on your own, and learn something about history with each fossil you discover. However, excavating them can be very tedious at the beginning, since the game is very realistic and makes you unlock many devices first.

PLITCH offers handy cheats that speed up the game flow and let you skip annoying beginner's work. Add XP and level up to immediately get the cool tools or refill your tank when you need it. Also, your running speed can be adjusted to help you get through the spacious areas faster.

Become a respected scientist in no time, whose findings fill the museums of the world. The indie title by Pyramid Games also looks great in terms of graphics – the game world is detailed and designed with a lot of love.

4) Prehistoric Kingdom

The promising simulation game Prehistoric Kingdom has been available for Early Access for a few months now. It’s supposed to be finished within the next two years, and the title is already convincing. Build your own prehistoric zoo, and design the buildings as well as enclosures by hand. You even get to breed your own dinosaurs! Prehistoric Kingdom lets you live your dinosaur zoo dreams!

Prehistoric Kingdom

At the moment, you have 22 animals to choose from. Future updates should deliver even more species. The building editor already leaves hardly anything to be desired and the game runs surprisingly stable for an Early Access title. Nevertheless, developer Blue Meridian is working on fixing bugs and making everything smoother.

Also, the balancing is not on point yet, but on PLITICH you can find cheats to counteract that. Change the number of your park’s stars, unlock or block excavation sites, and ensure perfect animal welfare. Manipulate the number of tech points you have as well as the duration of hatching for an even more enjoyable gaming experience.

By the way, on Kickstarter the game has significantly exceeded its goal of $55,000, so the roadmap is definitely being met. So, let’s hope that the game will end up being even better than originally planned.

5) Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus is the most colorful game on our list. In this cute management game, you build an amusement park with dinosaurs. Impress your guests with prehistoric attractions that people believed to be extinct. The design options are enormously complex and not only the attractions themselves but also the terrain can be changed.

Parkasaurus manages the balancing act between a cute look that provides “aww” moments and necessary seriousness – it simply has it all. Not only do you have to keep your visitors happy, but also take care of your exhibits and the park itself. All mechanics are cleverly intertwined and pull you into the game world so that hours of playing go by in no time.

Of course, the construction part can be very tedious. To speed it up, just activate our PLITCH codes. Add XP or increase money, science, and hearts – it’s up to you! If you want a challenge, how about resetting science and hearts? Nothing stands in the way of your dream park – just use the cheat for infinite inventory items and let your creativity run wild.

Today’s journey through time is coming to an end now but the fun doesn't have to be over for you yet. There’s definitely something for every dinosaur lover among the five (or actually six) games we’ve just recommended. And thanks to PLITCH’s cheats, you can personalize your gaming experience to your liking and avoid moments of frustration.

This way you'll get the most out of the already good games. In any case, we hope you have a great Dinosaur Day and would be happy if you checked out our other – non-dino-related – articles.

Happy Gaming!