It’s July 17 and you know what that means – it’s World Emoji Day! If you haven’t heard of it before and want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out some interesting emoji facts and stay tuned for the big reveal at the end – the PLITCH team’s favorite emojis and our personalized emotes!

What is the World Emoji Day?

This question is easy to answer: It’s the annual celebration of emojis! It’s commemorated every year on July 17 and was created by Jeremy Burge, the founder of the website Emojipedia. This website is dedicated to documenting every emoji, including its name, description, and image.

Why is it celebrated on July 17?

The reason behind that date is quite simple – July 17 is the date that is displayed on the iOS calendar emoji. You may have noticed that the Twitter calendar emoji for desktops is different; it shows July 15, the day Twitter was launched.

Where does the name “Emoji” even come from?

The name originated in Japan and can be traced back to the Japanese Shigetaka Kurita who invented emojis in the 1990s for a telephone company. Of course, emojis back then were monochrome and their pixels were limited.


Did you know that World Emoji Day even has its own anthem? It was written and produced by Jonathan Mann. So, sing along or just listen to it on repeat and have a dance!

Some Fun Facts and Statistics

Of course, we at PLITCH are nerds at heart and love some good statistics. Have you ever wondered which emojis win at the World Emoji Awards? Back in 2017, the “Person Facepalming” emoji was crowned the winner of the category “Best New Emoji”.

In 2018, the award for the “Emoji of the Year” went to the “Thinking Face” emoji. The most popular new emojis of 2019 and 2020 were the “Smiling Face with Hearts” emoji and the “White Heart” emoji.

Can you guess the most used emoji on Twitter? It’s the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji which is also number 1 of the top 10 emojis sent on iOS. Also, raise your hand if you’re guilty of sending messages with just emojis and no text. Don’t worry, we do that too. So do a lot of other people, since over 900M emojis are sent every day without text on Facebook Messenger.

What are the PLITCH team’s favorite emojis?

Of course, we at PLITCH love emojis as much as everyone else – even though our team chat tends to be flooded with GIFs. So, we asked everyone what their favorite emojis are, and here are the top three.

Each of them got the same number of votes, so there’s no real number one. The winners are the “Pleading Face” emoji, the “Grin” emoji, and the “Skull” emoji. An honorable mention goes to the "Tableflip" emoji which looks like this: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻.  Well, we guess that tells you everything you need to know about our team.

The PLITCH team as emotes

Do you feel that even though there are so many emojis out there, none of them really express your personality? Well, so did we and that’s why we asked creator Nico Ara to draw our team members as emotes. She has sent us some of her drafts, so here’s a sneak peek:

Follow us on Twitch if you want to see the finished ones in action!

We hope you have a great Emoji Day!

Happy Gaming!