If you're a fan of city building and planning, then you should mark November 8 in your calendar. Because for over 70 years now - since 1949 to be exact - "World Town Planning Day" has been celebrated on this date. Although the holiday was started by an Argentinian scientist, it’s now hosted by the American Planning Association.

For us simulation fans, of course, this is the perfect time to talk about the best city-building games and how PLITCH can help you get the most fun out of them. Let's dive into the realms of urban construction strategy and take a look at which games make the dream of your own city come true.

Captain of Industry

Captain of Industry

Our list starts with the Early Access title Captain of Industry, which should reach version 1.0 around 2025. That sounds like a long development phase, but the studio MaFi Games has also taken on a lot. In the tradition of hits like Industry Giant, you don't just plan a city, but also have to keep an eye on the production processes of the factories.

In the game, you start with a manageable number of survivors on a deserted island and build up a flourishing colony piece by piece. In Captain of Industry, however, things are not only peaceful. For example, pirates can attack you, and you have to fight them.

To protect yourself against premature screen death, you can generate infinite hull for your fleet or fill the population of your settlement with our PLITCH cheats. You can also increase the fertility of your fields as well as activate instant research to establish better production processes faster.

Cities: Skylines

At first glance, you might think that Cities: Skylines is the new SimCity. And indeed, the game is based on the legendary series. By now, the game has even more active players than the actual role model and is more popular.

In essence, both titles are very similar, but in Cities: Skylines, numerical values are not capped at one million, but your city can even grow beyond that. This makes real metropolises possible. There are even fan projects that faithfully recreate real cities like New York or Chicago. Here's a little fun fact: In the game, the cities in question are making losses and wouldn't be financially viable on their own.

To make such big cities possible anyway, simply activate our PLITCH codes. By adding money or unlocking population milestones, you can give free rein to your creativity and build exactly what you have in mind. The economy in the game is merciless, and unfortunately, an appealing look and a good economy are mutually exclusive.

Farthest Frontier

Let's dive deep into the Middle Ages. Farthest Frontier can be somewhat compared to the Anno series. Everyone in your settlement has their own needs and you have to protect your people from nasty diseases and even nastier invaders. The game map is randomly generated and there are a total of 14 different resources to be found on it, which you can mine.

Grim Dawn developer Crate Entertainment demonstrates amazing attention to detail and, on top of that, a profound knowledge of history. The graphic style is authentic and designed for realism, and the simulation of the agricultural processes surpasses that of other genre representatives. Farthest Frontier is not for those of you who like it casual.

The seasons also play a big role in city building. By the way, you can influence them with our PLITCH cheats. The same applies to the walking speed and even the age of your people. Unlike other strategy games, your people can die of old age.

The Wandering Village

After the previous game on our list focused on absolute realism, The Wandering Village also makes use of fantastic elements. Namely, your adventure takes place on the back of a giant dragon-like creature. You live in symbiosis with this creature and roam a post-apocalyptic world with it.

The graphic style is colorful and playful, and very nice to look at. Since the colossus roams through different biomes with you, you'll also have to adapt your settlement to different climatic conditions. In addition, you'll have to make sure that you use the limited space available as efficiently as possible.

With the help of our cheats, you'll be able to turn off your people's hunger at the push of a button or adjust the free placement of buildings. If you’re not prepared for a dangerous biome and need a certain technology quickly, you can also speed up the research and thus ensure the survival of your people and the creature - which, by the way, is called Onbu.


Warmth means life, but the world of Frostpunk is cold. Very cold. This makes the game, which is almost a modern classic by now, not only a building simulation but also a survival game. Your city is the last bastion of humanity, whose survival is in your hands.

Also, the law within the city is up to you. You decide what’s right and what’s not and especially in extreme situations, this can be enormously difficult. Each of your decisions has consequences and there’s not always a good and a bad option. But that's exactly the appeal of the game. Manage the limited resources and ensure the supply of your heat-giving steam engines.

If the game is too hard for you, make it easier with temperature adjustments, resource replenishments, or faster research. As a hardcore gamer, you can also increase the difficulty even more. Deliberately limit your resources or lower the temperature to create a challenge that packs a punch.

Ready to build your city with PLITCH?

It is clear that "World City Planning Day" isn't exactly one of those holidays that everyone around the world celebrates in a big way. But after all, the best city-building games are just for simulation fans like us. Where others only see boring tables, numbers, and bustling streets, our imagination comes to life.

It often happens that the hours just fly by as we build and maintain our nation. To prevent the hard work of building from being ruined by bad decisions or unfavorable coincidences, our PLITCH cheats will help you protect your inhabitants from harm. You can also create your own level of difficulty through supply shortages. The possibilities are as individual as the cities you can build in the five games presented here.

Happy Gaming!