Last year we finally breathed life into our official Twitch account! This year, the plan is to create content, content and even more content! Prepare for more PLITCH team streams as well as gaming sessions showing off the PLITCH software. Reaching certain streaming milestones and special events will of course go hand in hand with give aways!

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Stream Recap of 2021

Here is a little recap of what happened on our Twitch account last year. We hit it off with a Thanksgiving Charity Stream on November 26 where our in-house streamers MrsChiNanami and rawaKahn enjoyed a rather amusing evening playing Cooking Simulator.

After having completed a few levels the two girls made things a little more interesting. It was time for the blind challenge! Chi covered up her monitor and played according to the movement instructions given by rawa. What a hilarious spectacle! The streamers as well as the chat had a grand time laughing about all the clumsy accidents and confusion caused by the cooking utensils and ingredients. See for yourself:

During the stream, PLITCH raised $200 for the American Charity Child’s Play. This charity is dedicated to improving the lives of children by donating games, toys and books to hundreds of child welfare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and domestic violence shelters around the world. By providing these resources, children’s hospital stays are more enjoyable thanks to the fun-filled distractions that video games and other toys bring. Find out more about Child’s Play here.


PLITCH Team Stream

On December 11 there was another hilarious spectacle taking place on the official PLITCH stream. Some of the team members got together and cleaned up after Santa who had a violent outbreak. All in all, the team took good care of the mess left behind by Mr. Claus in Viscera Cleanup Detail – Santa’s Rampage.

Despite some of the mishaps due to random dynamite spawns and bloody footprints everywhere, Santa’s workshop was spotless – and presentless – by the end of the stream! Check out the highlight video to witness the madness yourself:

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