It's almost time! The brand-new Polaris Convention at Messe Hamburg, Germany, is coming up from October 28-30! This new, exciting community fair for e-sports, gaming and Japan fans will be designed like a "playable amusement park" and thus a unique and unforgettable experience. Heads-Up: Most of the entertainment will be in German.

What can you expect at Polaris?

Look forward to cool stage shows, thrilling tournaments, interesting workshops and fascinating cosplays in this "theme park of fan culture". Meet the biggest German influencers, international e-sports teams and check out the over 250 great exhibitors, like Nintendo, Capcom, Steam, but also Rocket Beans TV, PietSmiet and many more.

PLITCH will of course be there as well!

Of course you can also find traces of PLITCH at the brand-new Gaming-Fans Convention in Hamburg. This year there will be no booth, but you should not miss the exhibition about the History of Cheating. There you will get a comprehensive overview of the evolution of the PC, gaming and cheating in video games.

Nowadays, cheating has to deal with extreme prejudice. Back then, this was not the case. The negativity only came with the abuse of cheats in multiplayer. Visit the exciting exhibition and find out how natural and cool cheating in single-player games used to be and that PLITCH is heading in exactly the same direction, simply Cheating Done Right.

Not there on site? No problem!

For all the fans who are attending from home, check out the official Polaris live stream, where part of our team will take a deeper look at cheating, PLITCH, and the customizability of games and their difficulty levels. Also, be sure to grab Polaris' hybrid mobile app, which will allow you to interactively participate in the show whether offline or online.

We hope you're looking forward to the convention as much as we are!
Until then - Happy Gaming!