You’re bored and don’t know what to play next? You’re open to buying some new games but the price has to be right? If the answer to these questions is yes then you’re in luck! Get ready to remedy your boredom and strike a bargain - the Steam Autumn Sale 2021 has started!

In order to make this event even sweeter for you bargain hunters out there, we’ve decided to let you try the PLITCH cheat codes for the three best Steam sale deals for free during the sale weekend. Here we go!


DOOM Eternal

Rip and tear until it is done. No other words are required to perfectly describe DOOM Eternal. Slay the evils from hell and even travel there yourself in this massively brutal first-person shooter. Mix it with a genius heavy metal soundtrack and voilà! If you’re looking to pick up a game with lots of action and violence with great music in the background then this is definitely the one for you. Try the PLITCH Premium DOOM Eternal cheats now and become the ultimate DOOM Slayer!


Hitman 2

You prefer stealth over going in loud and proud? No problem! In Hitman 2 you are the world’s most creative assassin. Use the environment to kill your targets. You decide what to use to get the job done. Don’t let anything spoil the fun for you and unleash your full potential thanks to PLITCH’s Premium Hitman 2 cheats! There is even a game demo available on Steam, so just try before you buy. I bet you’ll get hooked in a heartbeat!


Metro Exodus – Enhanced Edition

You’re in the mood for shootin’ and lootin’ in an absolutely breathtaking environment? Explore post-apocalyptic Russia in this fantastic first-person shooter which beautifully blends stealth, exploration, deadly combat and survival horror. Since the ray tracing update in the enhanced edition of Metro Exodus the game is guaranteed to captivate you. Don't let any beast or monster ruin the fun for you ever again and use the PLITCH Premium Metro Exodus cheats.


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