The National Ghost Hunting Day in the USA is not a very old or traditional holiday, but it’s already very popular. Since 2016, every year on the last Saturday in September, professional ghost hunters and those who want to be one day, go in search of paranormal phenomena to catch them. In its first year, over 1,000 teams participated in the event.

We at PLITCH want to use this year's Ghost Hunting Day to introduce you to the best games that deal with supernatural phenomena. We'll also show you how to advance faster and have the spookiest fun in these five games. Join us in celebrating the day of the unbelievable. In series like Ghost Hunters or movies like the Paranormal series, you're just a spectator. It gets a lot creepier when you're the center of attention yourself.

1) Ghostbusters - The Video Game: Remastered

We start with one of the most underrated games of all time. When Ghostbusters - The Video Game was first released in 2009, hardly anyone took notice. Yet it tells a funny and good story that ties in directly with the two feature films. And the gameplay of the action-adventure was also impressive. Fortunately, Ghostbusters - The Video Game: Remastered was released in 2019 - almost exactly 10 years later - and brought the title the attention it deserved after all.

With the new edition, you can experience the ghost story with improved graphics and additional comfort features. And speaking of comfort, hunting becomes even easier thanks to our PLITCH cheats. With them, you can change the AI of the ghosts, farm money, or make yourself invulnerable. Since some of the enemies are quite tough and death screen lurks around every corner.

Besides, the story and small puzzles are the highlights of the game, so you can concentrate on them thanks to the cheats. The six to eight-hour campaign not only brings familiar characters like Peter, Ray, Egon, or Winston to the screen but also adds some interesting characters to the universe.

2) Ghost Watchers

In our second game, you’ll also become a ghost hunter. In Ghost Watchers, you’ll go on a search for supernatural apparitions to catch them. The game has been in Early Access since the end of July 2022, and the vanilla version is scheduled for release as early as next year. You roam seemingly abandoned houses and have around 20 different tools at your disposal to put a stop to the ghosts.

Ghost Watchers

So far, there are 8 types of ghosts to catch, from demons to blood-sucking vampires. In your runs, you can set both their mood and age, making the playthroughs very individual. Over time, additional ghosts as well as more houses should be patched in. And so that you won't have too hard a time with it, we at PLITCH give you useful cheats like infinite money or a Godmode to take along on the ghost hunt.

Developer Renderise is no newcomer to the horror genre. With games like Occult or Sign of Silence, the devs from Cyprus have already made a name for themselves and proved that they can create good atmospheres. Fans of games like Phasmophobia will not be disappointed with Ghost Watchers. And speaking of...

3) Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia has been in Early Access since the fall of 2020 and has already built a gigantic player base. And rightly so, because the game combines tactics with a good dose of creepiness, as you investigate complex haunted locations. The graphics are enormously realistic and the number of gadgets at your disposal is huge.

Special highlights include full voice recognition (so the ghosts hear you) and the ability to play the game in VR. There are over 10 different types of ghosts to catch and even CCTV cameras, motion sensors and more can be used.

Thanks to the PLITCH codes, you can influence your movement speed or the brightness of the lights. You can also take fast or infinite photos or switch to Godmode to make your hunts easier.

4) Ghost Exorcism Inc

If you’re looking for more games like Phasmophobia, we can recommend Ghost Exorcism Inc. There, too, you have to free houses from ghosts. The game also supports voice input, so you can even talk to the ghosts.

The difficulty level is quite high, but no reason to despair. Thanks to our PLITCH cheats you can add XP and money or increase your stamina. With that, the nasty ghosts are no longer a problem. The higher your level and the more money you have, the better equipment you can buy and the more fun the actual hunt will be.


The final game on our list is DEVOUR. In the horror game, you set out to stop possessed cultists from dragging you to hell. Thanks to the latest updates, the game can be played in both desktop and VR mode, and the creepiness factor is especially high in virtual reality.


The individual runs last about an hour and none of your runs will be the same. DEVOUR is a prequel to the co-op stealth game The Watchers, by the way. Unlike other genre representatives, it doesn't have a tutorial, so you'll have to learn the game mechanics yourself through trial and error. We‘ve provided you with our PLITCH cheats to prevent this from becoming frustrating. For example, you can save and load your location and generate infinite UV batteries.

The codes can't protect you from the jumpscares, but those are what make the game so appealing, and DEVOUR has quite a few of them. Be prepared to let out a scream of terror now and then while playing the game.

Ready to hunt ghosts?

Hunting ghosts in games is an eerily beautiful pleasure. After all, they can't harm you in the real world, and getting spooked gets the adrenaline pumping and is fun. But to prevent the beasts from becoming dangerous for your avatar, you can use our PLITCH cheats. With them, you can personalize and improve the ghost hunt according to your wishes.

Difficult parts will become much easier and you’ll be able to concentrate on the story of the game. Celebrate National Ghost Hunting Day, as it is called in the USA, with one of the five games in combination with PLITCH's handy cheats.

Happy Gaming!