Love is in the air at the MegaDev offices this Valentine’s Day. Love for video games, that is. Find out which games the PLITCH Team loves the most and how we are planning to entertain you this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Twitch Event

The PLITCH team will be streaming a steamy session of Boyfriend Dungeon using some wacky PLITCH codes on February 14th at 4 PM CET on our official Twitch channel. From unlimited currency to boosted confidence, this PLITCH playthrough promises to be the perfect Valentine’s Day treat!


The PLITCH Team's "Game Loves"

To keep with the Valentine’s Day spirit, we asked the PLITCH team to name the video game they love the most, why they love it so much, as well as their playtime. The complete list will be posted throughout the day on our Instagram, but some of these are too steamy not to mention here. 

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

“Now sucks but used to be good, especially Bad Company 2 and BF3+4.” 

- Captain4es0me

Captain4es0me longs for the golden days of Battlefield, and who can blame them? With over 500 hours played, Battlefield holds a special place in their heart and is probably all they can see when they close their eyes at the end of the day. Dice, if you’re reading this, please release a remaster of Bad Company 2


Resident Evil V

“I have so many great memories playing this game with my brother. We improved our game strategies with every playthrough, and it got really tactical. By now, I know all the locations of the treasures and emblems by heart :D. We also have inside jokes with some of the game quotes. This is my go-to co-op game, and it probably always will be <3. “ 

- Rawa

Games are so damn good at bringing people together, and Rawa’s Resident Evil 5 love brings us MegaJoy. (Get it, cause we’re MegaDev) Resident Evil V takes about 12 hours to complete and 33.5 hours to 100% it, which Rawa has done an astounding 10+ times! I wonder if we should let them know there’s a Resident Evil VI?



“As an athlete, and as someone who has been in sports all my life, I don’t think I have to explain why I love this game. The career mode is awesome! It makes me feel like I’m on the court playing with real-life players.” 

- erWin

You thought that PLITCH was made up of unathletic gamers who haven’t been outside in months? Well, shame on you because erWin is an athlete inside and outside the game, which means we all might be athletes. It's true, the Covid situation has curtailed athletic activities considerably, but slowly we are all picking up speed again. 


Counter Strike Global Offensive


- Julia

Julia has 7,000+ hours in CSGO… That’s more time than most relationships last and a few minutes more than it took us to write this blog post. We could say that the results are surprising and that 7,000 hours of CSGO is far too much for a single person to play, but knowing Julia 7,000 seems like a modest estimate. And we’re proud of her. 

In fact, we’re proud of our entire team of gamers and you, person who’s reading this! Thanks for being your wonderful self this Valentine’s Day! Remember to check out our Instagram for all our favorite games, and drop into our Boyfriend Dungeon Stream on February 14th at 4 PM CET.