Popularity is a fickle beast in the gaming industry. Hype for a title begins the moment a game is announced, often blossoming from something as simple as a title card reveal or a five-second cinematic that is near-incomprehensible. Still, seeing the number ‘2’ added to the title of a beloved game is enough to drive 99% of gamers into a kicking and screaming frenzy that can only be quelled by the sweet release of, well, release day. Hype grows and grows as launch day approaches. Players take to message boards to defend a game they haven’t even played yet, but one on which they’re willing to stake their entire reputation, and the reputation of their entire lineage.

Furious gamer fighting off a shitstorm on his favorite game (Screenshot: God of War, Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment)


Until finally, it is here. The sweet, thrilling, life-changing moment known as release day! This is the game that you’ve been waiting your entire life for! And it was worth the wait. You love this game. It completes you. You can’t imagine any other game coming close.

That is until the next hyped-up AAA game releases the following week and you forget all about the game that you so love.

That’s the trend that so many games go through, and with new releases every week, it’s tough to grasp the gaming spotlight and hold onto it. That’s why we at PLITCH have been crunching the numbers to find the true winner, the most popular game, the one that people have been using the most codes for, every single day. And that game is none other than Call of...ANNO 1800??


Erm, I mean, yes, of course, it’s Anno 1800, a city-building game by the talented folks at Ubisoft Blue Byte. Originally released in 2019, the game transports players into the virtual shoes of a 19th-century ruler and challenges them to build up their civilizations. So why is a city builder from 2019 the most popular game on PLITCH? It must be the result of some sort of ancient witchcraft or maybe a deal made with a secret society of code makers from the future.... Or it could be the frequent DLC updates, it’s hard to say. Regardless, it’s clear that the folks who play Anno 1800 love their in-game currency, because the most-used PLITCH code is one that adds credits with the push of a button.

Screenshot: Anno 1800, Publisher: Ubisoft

The ability to add credits on the fly allows players to let their creativity run wild, constructing dream cities with artistic layouts and gorgeous vistas. Either that or you can construct the same 4x4 shack 1,000 times. We won't judge how you spend your virtual currency. Increasing Influence and Research Points round out the top three trainers used, so it’s clear that PLITCH grants players added control over their Anno 1800 journey.

We may not totally understand why Anno 1800 is the most popular game on PLITCH but it’s strangely endearing that a city builder from 2019 manages to have such staying power. What will the next Anno 1800 be? Let us know what you think in the PLITCH Forum! With over 3,000 games available on PLITCH currently, and with new ones added daily, the next surprise hit could already be upon us.