Ever since the earliest days of video games, when Atari and Nintendo woke the imagination of millions of gamers, a dark shadow has loomed over the gaming sphere. No, this shadow isn’t a giant lizard with intentions of kidnapping royalty or a diabolical doctor with a fabulous mustache and a hedgehog obsession. This shadow isn’t a being at all —  instead, it is an act that has affected us all at one time or another: ‘rage-quitting.’ But in order to combat this enemy, we must first gain a better understanding of what it is and what it looks like today. 






gerund or present participle: rage-quitting

  1. angrily abandon an activity or pursuit that has become frustrating, especially the playing of a video game.
    "I tried to play it two different times and wound up rage-quitting both times"


No one is immune to the vile grasp of the rage-quit. Whether you’re a famous rapper like Snoop Dogg or a young accountant from Belgium with a pet Corgi named Bubsy, you can still be defeated by the likes of Madden 2021. Even grandma has been known to toss her Wii Remotes through the retirement home’s windows when things don’t go her way.

Our team at MegaDev has determined that rage-quitting isn’t limited to platform or genre, either. We have almost as many reports of unbridled rage-quits in Bloons TD 6 as we do in Dark Souls III. Traditionally, the only cure for tilt-fueled woes was time away from gaming, or getting really into crossfit —  neither of which are actions that we can recommend with a clear conscience. Through the power of engineering, science, and good ol’ fashioned human ingenuity, we have a solution to the rage-quitting epidemic. 

It’s time to get acquainted with PLITCHing.




  1. “The software that enables you to enjoy your favorite games, regardless of difficulty or time constraints.”
    "Dark Souls 3 is enjoyable to play since I started PLITCHing."


PLITCHing is easy to start and only requires you to download the PLITCH software and boot up your favorite game. Once downloaded, you have access to thousands of customizations made specifically to improve your gaming experience. From codes that turn you into a god-like player to ones that make it rain cash-money, PLITCHing is all about having the most fun that you can while gaming. 

PLITCH only works with single-player PC games or modes, meaning that your good time won’t lead to another player having a bad time. You can get PLITCHing today in over 2,700 games (as of April 2021), including all the hottest new releases like Valheim, Outriders, and Cyberpunk 2077. If you’re more in the mood for classic games, PLITCH has you covered there too with games like Star Wars:The Force Unleashed, Final Fantasy VII, and RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

You can start a rage-free trial of PLITCH today and instantly gain access to thousands of codes to help you through any gaming-related frustrations! We’re excited to share that gaming joy with you, just as our ancestors shared it with us. It’s totally PLITCHing.