As you all probably know by now, all of our team members love gaming. That’s why we thought it would be a nice idea to gather some tips for a perfect gaming session. So, here’s everything you need to make your next gaming experience the best one yet!

Snacks and drinks to keep you sharp

Some people don’t eat in front of their PC because they don’t want crumbs on their keyboard or are afraid to spill their drink, which is understandable. But gaming is just like indulging in a movie and a good movie doesn’t go without snacks.

Since you have your hands free while watching, there is not much to keep in mind when selecting your candy of choice. However, when it comes to snacking while playing video games, there are things to consider.

It goes without saying that it’s always good to take a quick break during longer gaming sessions. Stepping away from your game for a little while and grabbing some refreshments will not only allow you to recharge your energy but also to get a new perspective on your video game which might be just what you need to clear the next stage with ease.

If you’re snacking and playing at the same time – like most of us – here’s a tip: Try to avoid treats that give you sticky or greasy fingers or leave a ton of crumbs or worse behind such as chips or cookies. How about some candies that come wrapped?

You can get different flavored drops or even your favorite chocolate bars. Just eat them while only touching the wrapper and voilà! Your gaming equipment stays smudge-free.

An obvious choice for a beverage would be your favorite soft drink. At this time of the year, when the weather is wet and cold, we recommend a nice cup of tea or a delicious mug of hot chocolate. For a proper gaming session, one cup won’t be enough, so make some extra and fill it into a pot that you can use to top up your mug without having to go AFK.

Gaming equipment for your needs

We understand that owning a super high-end gaming setup is cool to game on and to show off but it’s not necessary for having a good time gaming. Just make sure that your PC is able to run your favorite games with a decent amount of FPS and you’re good. Depending on the game genre, you’ll be able to get a good performance even from standard laptops.

Here is an example for you: One of our team members loves playing PC games casually and doesn’t want to invest in a high-end gaming setup as it would not be worth it for her gaming needs. She just plays on an average laptop which works just fine since her games don’t have high system requirements. A while ago, she bought a new mouse that wasn’t too expensive and it completely changed her gaming experience for the better. So even small things can make a difference.

The same goes for chairs. If you spend a lot of time in front of your PC and have the means, it’s a good idea to invest in a chair that is a bit pricier. It is not difficult, though, to get comfy with a smaller budget chair. Just make sure you have a comfy one that doesn’t hurt your back. You could always get a blanket or an extra pillow to sit on if your want to increase your comfort.

Stay cozy and warm

Since the cold season is approaching fast, it’s important to keep warm when you sit in front of your PC. Remember that if you have a desktop PC, it will generate quite a bit of heat during large gaming sessions, so consider turning down your radiators a bit and thereby saving some energy.

In terms of clothes, sweatpants and a hoodie are a must, but you should also get some fluffy socks to keep your feet warm. For those of you who get cold pretty fast, how about trying a blanket with sleeves? A normal blanket just won’t do when you’re gaming since you need to stretch out your arms, but one that has sleeves is the perfect solution!


Get your friends to come over

The times of going to the pool with your friends and spending your evenings outside at the barbecue are over. Getting together for a gaming session can be a great alternative during the colder months of the year. You could reminisce about the great game releases of the year like God of War or Elden Ring and play them again but this time you invite your buddies to come over. After all, gaming is just like an interactive movie.

Plug your PC into your TV to get the party started. Take turns playing the game and find out who has the most skill. Maybe even raise the stakes by applying some PLITCH hardcore codes. Most games take longer to complete than one gaming evening, so you could spend 2-3 weekends indulging in your favorite games together with your friends.

Maybe you’d like to mix it up by playing a co-op or multiplayer game together online but then of course without the help of PLITCH. However, you could always practice beforehand by playing the game offline on your own but customizing it with hardcore codes. This’ll create a perfect training environment for you so you can show off to your friends when you get the chance. Everyone will want to have you on their team, that’s for sure!

Find the right game to play

Last but not least, we have to state the obvious: you need the right game for your perfect gaming session. If you’re playing something that doesn’t bring you joy, not even the tips above will help.

It is a good time of year to get through the games you added to your game library but haven’t touched yet. After all, a bunch of sales are coming up where you will most likely pick up even more games. Use PLITCH to help you experience the full story and complete the game a lot quicker. Like that you’ll make time to focus on the upcoming end-of-year releases.

Once you’re all settled and chose a cool single-player game to really get into, just keep PLITCH ready in case you need some assistance. Take full control of your game and take away all of the annoying aspects you don’t want to have to deal with such as hours of grinding necessary to progress or the struggle of getting through a level. There are cheat codes to improve almost every situation. Once you’ve PLITCHed, you won’t want to play without the unlimited freedom the software provides.

Now nothing stands in the way of your best gaming session ever!

Happy Gaming!