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Articles tagged "cheats"

You’ve been stuck in the same spot for hours. Hours of suffering, tedium, and frustration - but that was before PLITCH!
Why Rage Quit When You Can PLITCH?
PLITCHing is all about eliminating rage-quits and having the most fun that you can have while gaming. 
Games are filled with bugs lately and without constant content updates, the same can be said about trainers.
Best of Steam Summer Sale 2021
It's all about Deals! Deals! Deals! in July many Steam Users enjoyed a lot of games in sale!
Languages Galore!
PLITCH is now fully supported in six languages - but we need your help. Take part in our Bug Bounty and get a reward!
Interview with our CEO Rob Maroschik
PLITCH CEO Rob took some time to share some insights on his favorite codes and his quest to make gaming more accessible.
PLITCH's Great Ancestor: The Game Genie
Game Genie understood that gaming should be fun. With PLITCH we want to carry on its legacy.
Getting You Back to Playing the Games You Love 
PLITCH’s growing library of thousands of customization options allow you to get back to enjoying the games you love.
How PLITCH Helps Esports Athletes Reach Their Peak
Our Hardcore and Nightmare training options are designed to challenge you and to help you grow your skills.
Try For Free, Love Forever.
You can try PLITCH for free right now, and over 10% of our featured games are fully accessible in the free version!
The Saga of the Cheat Master
This is the Saga of the Cheat Master. But who is the Cheat Master and what drives him to pursue his mission?
Why Is THIS GAME still the Most Popular Game on PLITCH?
After 3 years, Anno 1800 is still the most popular game on PLITCH. Why does a simulation game have such a staying power?
How Games Make Money Podcast
Jeff Grubb. Robert Maroschik. Two industry titans. Two people with faces. One unforgettable event. This is… a podcast!
The PLITCH-ing Hour Is Here!
Customize the most sinister games on PLITCH for FREE! Peer into my crystal ball and see the games that will be featured.
PLITCH Thanksgiving Charity Livestream
Tune in to our Thanksgiving charity stream and find out if our streamers will set everything on fire virtually.
Best Single-Player PC Games 2022
What an awesome year for great PC games! Check out the 21 best single-player games 2022 and tips for using PLITCH cheats
Toss a Coin to Your PLITCHer
Don't miss out on the Witcher PLITCH event to celebrate the release of Season 2 on Netflix!
What is a Game Trainer?
How does a game trainer work? What can you do with it? Is cheating always wrong? Find the answers in this post.
How PLITCH helps gamers play the games they love
Living with a disability means limitations in daily life, even in gaming. Cheating with PLITCH takes the limits away.
Interview with our Managing Director Markus
Read this interview with our Managing Director. What was his journey at MegaDev like and what does PLITCH mean to him?
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