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Articles tagged "games"

Why Is THIS GAME still the Most Popular Game on PLITCH?
After 3 years, Anno 1800 is still the most popular game on PLITCH. Why does a simulation game have such a staying power?
How Games Make Money Podcast
Jeff Grubb. Robert Maroschik. Two industry titans. Two people with faces. One unforgettable event. This is… a podcast!
PLITCH Thanksgiving Charity Livestream
Tune in to our Thanksgiving charity stream and find out if our streamers will set everything on fire virtually.
PLITCH on Twitch!
Last year we finally breathed life into our official Twitch account! Check out this recap of the PLITCH streams.
What's your Game Valentine?
Love is in the air at the MegaDev offices this Valentine’s Day. Love for video games, that is! 
How PLITCH helps gamers play the games they love
Living with a disability means limitations in daily life, even in gaming. Cheating with PLITCH takes the limits away.
Make the most of the Easter Events in Video Games with PLITCH
We see every game patch right away, so we put together a collection of the coolest 2022 Easter patches for you to enjoy.
UPDATED: PLITCH Spring Event - Get your chance to win PLITCH Premium!
Check out our 10-day spring streaming marathon and get the chance to win a free PLITCH Premium subscription!
A Gamers Gift Guide for Father’s Day
Father's Day is approaching, so we at PLITCH compiled a list with games that make perfect gifts for gamer dads.
The Best Games with LGBTQIA+ Options to play during Pride Month
We at PLITCH want to celebrate Pride Month with you, so we've gathered a list of games with LGBTQIA+ options for you.
Five games that celebrate the power of friendship
You're looking for games in which you can use the power of friendship to win? Here you go!
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