Ya'll should really chill out about spamming the crashes, I'm sure they're working on it. I've tried every possible way even playing offline and Sunbreak will crash. Meaning that, while its offline should it have EAC although SB don't, so it shouldn't be crashing but it does. I can run World offline and run trainers and it does not even crash at all and that game has EAC!! Well it shouldn't crash since I'm running World offline. It's not just PLITCH, I've tried with another trainer (online & offline) like I did with PLITCH and SB will still crash, either after every quest or you'll get lucky and get another quest or two and crash while loading into the next quest or eating at the canteen. At the end of the day all I can say that it is SB, once this DLC came out its riddled with nothing but crashes if you use any trainer etc. Reinstalling won't help either as I've already tried that plenty. As of right now, If you want to use PLITCH for SB just know that it'll crash until they find out the solution to why SB crashes, even offline.