We list all games here we rejected or could not create codes for.

AirMech Wastelands -> Online only
Another Eden -> Online only
Anthem -> Online only
Assassin's Creed Unity -> Anti-Cheat
Assassin's Creed Syndicate -> Anti-Cheat
Arma 3 -> Anti-Cheat
Big Farm Story -> Online only everything on server
Chronicon -> Nothing stable possible
Cookie Clicker -> Javascript nothing stable possible
CrossCode -> Java nothing stable possible
Dark Deity -> Nothing stable possible
Dark Souls Remastered -> Anti-Cheat
Diablo 2 Resurrected -> Anti-Cheat/Anti-Debug
Eastward -> Code changes on every game start
Escape From Tarkov -> Online only
Fishing Planet -> Online only
Ghost Recon Wildlands -> Anti-Cheat
Ghost Recon Breakpoint -> Anti-Cheat
Gunfire Reborn -> Server based
Marvel’s Avengers -> We had a trainer and complied with Disney and Square to take it down. Will not come back
Mindustry -> Java nothing stable possible  
My Singing Monsters -> Javascript nothing stable possible and always online
Mythgard -> Online only
Myth of Empires -> Online only
New World -> Online only
Payday 1+2 -> Shared progress + based on LUA script
Pincremental -> Javascript
Pixel Starships -> Online only
Project Zomboid -> Java nothing stable possible  
Rise to Ruins -> Nothing stable possible
Smartphone Tycoon -> Javascript nothing stable possible
Space Haven -> Java nothing stable possible
Stonehearth ->  Nothing stable possible
The Crew 1+2 -> Online only
Tom Clancy’s The Division 1+2 -> Online only
Urtuk The Desolation -> Java nothing stable possible
Vampire Survivors -> Javascript