In sports, many athletes choose to train in high altitudes in order to raise their red blood cell count and allow their body to carry more oxygen. When these athletes return to competing at lower altitudes their bodies gain a natural boost since they have been trained to do more with less oxygen. But what if that same training principle could be applied to gamers? With PLITCH that concept is not only possible, it’s already happening.




Thankfully, PLITCH doesn’t require you to take your PC setup into the Rocky Mountains, or even to take part in a Rocky-style training montage to achieve breakthrough results. Instead, we allow gamers to tailor their favorite single-player experiences and make them more difficult in a variety of ways, all from the comfort of their PC. Do you want to train your ability to come back from a deficit in FIFA 21? Add two goals to your opponent’s score and fight your way back into the game. Do you find Dark Souls to be too easy? Reset your souls to zero or decrease your humanity level at any point in the game for a real challenge. Our Hardcore and Nightmare training options are designed to challenge you and help grow your skills.


Our co-founder Robert Maroschik has previously been a guest on the Game Consultant Podcast, where he talked about the inspiration for the Hardcore and Nightmare level codes. His younger brother is an avid esports fan and asked Rob to make the single-player campaign in Battlefield V harder. Until that moment we were solely focused on making games easier and more accessible, and we realized that we can make the codes go in the other direction, and create even more top-notch gaming experiences. This was a eureka moment for us, and a natural extension of our mission to enable players to play games how they want. Since then we have created thousands of Hardcore and Nightmare level options, and you can play Battlefield V’s story mode with a low ammo clip and grenades, along with hundreds of other games and options.




You might be wondering about the ethical impact of PLITCH particularly in regards to esports. We agree that if some of our mods were available in multiplayer games that we would be giving those players an unfair advantage, so we’ve made sure that our software only works with single-player games or single-player portions of multiplayer games. The advantage that PLITCH gives you is in its training abilities. By making a game more difficult, you are training yourself to do more with less and it can effectively pay off in competitive settings. Do you have trouble managing your health in Halo 3 online? Practice playing the story mode with Low Player Health enabled and train yourself to do more with less.


If you’re interested in giving PLITCH a try then check out out the Games Tab for a full list of titles and customization software. We’re constantly adding new games and ways to experience your favorite titles so be sure to check back frequently.


PLITCH not only delivers interesting customization options but continues to support games as newer patches are released. No matter if the game is old or new, you can unlock its true potential with PLITCH. Whether you’re a budding esports pro or a gamer looking for a challenge, PLITCH is an ever-evolving sandbox and one that is ready for you to play in.