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Get plitch premium!


PLITCH is the only gaming customization software you will ever need! Get Premium to reclaim your freedom in your single player games! Play by your own rules! Harder, easier - the choice is yours with PLITCH!

Get Premium and join our PLITCH community, today!


  • 16,500+ Codes for 3,200+ Games
  • PLITCH Companion Apps
  • Limited Customer Support
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  • 41,800+ Codes for 3,200+ Games
  • PLITCH Companion Apps
  • Priority Customer Support Package (Ticket and Forum)
  • Request infinite new games & cheats - NO HIDDEN COSTS!
  • Request new features for PLITCH
  • Participate in Raffles and Giveaways
  • Become part of an active and supportive gaming community
3 Month plan recurring
7.99 per month*
*billed every 3 months: $ 23.97
PayPal CreditCard
12 Month plan non-recurring
5.99 per month*
*for 12 months: $ 71.88
PayPal CreditCard Bank Transfer
best deal! 12 Month plan recurring
4.99 per month*
*billed annually: $ 59.88
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Money Back
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