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What is PLITCH?

PLITCH is the ultimate PC game trainer for modding games and personalizing your single-player gaming experience!

A game trainer is a program that gives you an advantage in a single-player PC game.

PLITCH accesses the RAM of your PC, so your game files won’t be changed or damaged.
PLITCH contains various game mods and cheat codes that you can use to customize modern and classic games to your liking.
You can use PLITCH cheats to make the game easier, harder or just plain different!
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Who is PLITCH for?

PLITCH gaming mods help casual PC gamers customize their single-player gaming experience
Casual Gamers Not everyone has dozens of hours a week to game. With PLITCH, you can take control of your time by using game modding to customize games to your liking and focus on the part that matters most: having fun!
PLITCH game cheats allow hardcore PC gamers to increase the difficulty of single-player games
Hardcore Gamers PLITCH lets you get even more out of new and old titles. Crank up the difficulty with hardcore game cheats. Change the game entirely with mods (like currency toggles in city builders or gear restrictions in racing titles). It’s your game, and you should be able to play it however you want!
Modding games with PLITCH makes PC gaming more accessible to players with disabilities
Gamers with Disabilities Games should be accessible to everyone, but some games don’t offer enough accessibility options. With the PLITCH game trainer, gamers can use cheat codes to increase their health, decrease enemy damage, and more in modern and classic titles.
Popular games supported by PLITCH, e.g. Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, etc.

Game Mods and Cheats for Your Favorite PC Games

PLITCH has cheat codes and mods for 4,600+ PC games,
with 10 - 20 new and classic games added every week.
And don’t worry about patches or updates: PLITCH covers all the latest patches and updates so that you can focus on pure unadulterated gaming fun!
Check out your favorite games on PLITCH:
And don’t worry about patches or updates: PLITCH covers all the latest patches and updates so that you can focus on pure unadulterated gaming fun!
Check out your favorite games on PLITCH:

6 Reasons why PC Gamers love PLITCH
Game Modding (and you will too!)

PLITCH updates regularly and offers more game patches than other game trainers
1000+ monthly Patches Your game got a patch? No problem - PLITCH keeps you up to date. We release more patches per month than all other trainers combined!
PLITCH is the only PC trainer with game cheats to make single-player games harder.
Make your games harder PLITCH is the only trainer in the world that provides cheats to make games more challenging. Build your own 'training room' in single-player mode and become the best you can be.
PLITCH PC game trainer offers exceptional customer support for players
World-class Player Support Experience support the way it should always be: Fast, competent, and multilingual. Gone are the days when you were left on your own when using a trainer!
PLITCH team members are committed to providing a safe and fun PC gaming experience
100% People Business We take pride in what we do. We're your friends, so we don't hide. You can even stop by and say hello! Learn more about us
PLITCH game modding software is secure and complies with the strictest data protection laws
100% secure software We comply with some of the world's strictest privacy laws, including GDPR, so you'll never have to worry about malware and data theft. We promise!
The PLITCH trainer supports PC players worldwide in 10 languages
Available in 10 languages We want everyone to feel at home here, so we have already translated everything into ten languages and trained our support staff accordingly.

What the press is saying about PLITCH

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a game trainer useful for?
Game trainers are used by all types of gamers. Whether you have limited gaming time, want to add extra challenges, or just want to customize your gaming experience, PLITCH Game Modding is perfect for you.
Is cheating illegal?
While using game cheats in multiplayer games is illegal, using PLITCH game mods and cheat codes in single-player games is not. PLITCH can help you get more out of your games.
What can I do with PLITCH?
With PLITCH cheat codes you can customize new and modern games to your liking. For example:
  • • Short on time but want to beat the latest Dark Souls game? Activate God Mode and blast past your enemies!
  • • Looking for an extra challenge in Doom Eternal? Set your health to low and fight your way through the onslaught that hell has to offer.
  • • Want more flexibility in Football Manager? Add a budget to your team or change a player's dominant foot with the push of a button.
PLITCH has game mods to suit your playstyle, and with new and modern games being added every day, there are always new ways to play!
Is PLITCH safe?
PLITCH game modding software is 100% safe and complies with the strictest privacy policies in the world. Our team is committed to providing a safe and fun gaming experience.
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