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Start Plitching
Stop cheating


Premium trainer software for single-player PC Game Cheats

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Plitch Client

It's sleek. It's powerful. It's personal.
The only PC game trainer you will ever need!


Feel the power of PLITCH with the PLITCH Link apps ...

... and the PLITCH Overlay in your PC game.

* To use the apps and the Overlay in your Single Player PC games,
you have to intall the PLITCH client and create an account.

Companion apps overview


E-Sports-Gamer? Casual Gamer? Tailor every game to your needs!


We do not support cheats in multiplayer. PLITCH is single player only.


One-click download, auto updates, direct game starts, custom keys, and so much more!

For your peace of mind


Our Client is the best way to securely access your computer's RAM to work our magic.


We cover every update for every game. This level of premium service takes time, and time = money ;-).


As a German company, we comply to some of the strictest data protection laws in the world, including the GDPR. Check Privacy statement.


Our Client is certified by COMODO and white-listed by all major virus-protection software brands.

Frequnetly Asked Questions

I want to use PLITCH: How do I get it up and running?

PLITCH can be up and running in seconds - just follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to download our client to run PLITCH and our game trainers on your PC. It's supported in multiple languages and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to activate our codes.
  2. You can even choose custom hotkeys for each cheat, but it's not mandatory. We also offer an overlay application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.
  3. Another option is to use our app for game cheats on your Android phone or iPhone and activate the cheats there.
  4. The client can scan your PC for already installed games and supports all major platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and more.
  5. Select your favorite game and start PLITCHing!

What are the benefits of our PC game trainer software and PC cheats?

Not everyone is used to playing and training with a game trainer. Here are some of the advantages of our game trainer software:

  • Customize your single-player games with our PC game cheats.
  • Make your games easier when you have little time to play and want to skip the annoying parts, or relax after a long day by focusing on the fun parts of the game.
  • Some games are very time-consuming, e.g. when you have to grind for resources. Don't waste time gathering resources, just press a button.
  • It's fun to progress through the single-player mode and fight the final bosses, but some are just too hard to beat and you get stuck, which is frustrating - but that was in the past! Use our cheats to beat that annoying boss you've been trying to beat for hours.
  • Not everyone is skilled and fast, so some games can quickly become frustrating. Our PC game trainer makes it possible for inexperienced players and people with disabilities to access and enjoy the game.
  • With PLITCH, you have your own personal "training room" to practice your skills. We offer the only cheat software in the world with PC cheats that can make a game harder. Perfect for training and honing your skills.
  • Customize your game and create your own challenges by combining our easy and hardcore codes.

How does our premium cheat software differ from free game trainers?

  • Many free game trainers don't take privacy very seriously - do you know what they do with your information? We can tell you what we do: Your privacy is one of our top priorities; we comply with some of the strictes data protection laws such as the GDPR. Your personal information won't be misused.
  • Enjoy PLITCH without ads! No annoying pop-ups, no slowing down of your browser - we are ad-free!
  • Installing a free game trainer from a website about hacks and mods... Sounds like a bad idea, and you shouldn't do it! We take the security of you and your precious PC very seriously: we're COMODO and Sectigo certified. So you can be sure that there are no viruses or malware and your computer is safe.
  • We are gamers and we play fair - and so do our customers: Our PC game cheats can only be used in single-player mode, so you won't get banned or ruin the fun for other players.
  • Have you ever enjoyed using a free game trainer, only to find that it stopped working after a game update? Well, it happens and it sucks. With PLITCH you don't have to worry about patches, our trainers are always up to date.
  • There's an exciting new game coming out? Rest assured, we are excited too, and we'll work hard to get you with a game trainer as soon as it's released (usually within hours/days). We also expand our game trainers for major releases.
  • Need some assistance? No worries, we're happy to help! We provide exceptional customer service. Just use the PLITCH Discord server and forum to chat with us and others, or open a ticket.
  • Is there a game you would like to have a game trainer for, but you cannot find one and we do not offer one? Post your trainer requests and suggestions in the forum.

Does all this make us the best cheat website? Well, you have to decide for yourself, but we think we have some pretty convincing arguments.

What kind of game cheats does PLITCH have?

We have cheats for 4260 games. As mentioned above, we have easy and hardcore codes so you can customize your games to your liking. When you upgrade your PLITCH subscription to Premium, you'll have access to all of our Premium cheats in addition to our free PC game cheats. Take a look at our supported games or simply search for a specific game.

Some typical PC game cheats in a game trainer are:

  • Add money
  • Sub money
  • Add resources
  • Sub resources
  • Godmode
  • No Reload
  • Unlimited ammo
  • and more!

Check out our extensive Hogwarts Legacy trainer to get an idea of all the cheat codes that can be found in a game trainer.

Happy Gaming!