The Creators of PLITCH!

MegaDev GmbH is the software development company behind the PLITCH PC trainer.

Founded in 2015 in Munich, Germany, MegaDev entered the world of PC game mods with the all-in-one PC cheat software MegaTrainer, which was later upgraded to PLITCH. Since then, the company and, its products have grown remarkably, and MegaDev is now the biggest PC mod software company in the world!
MegaDev GmbH

The MegaDev Team

The MegaDev team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, developers, and gaming enthusiasts. The company’s headquarters are located in Munich, Germany, but the staff includes employees from Europe, America, and Asia. United by a shared passion for gaming, each team member brings unique experience and insight which leads to innovative solutions and a fun, collaborative working environment. Are you interested in working for MegaDev? Take a look at our current job offers
MegaDev GmbH, the software development company behind PLITCH pc game mod cheat software The PLITCH Team 2022

The History of PLITCH PC Game Mod Software

Mtxl trainer
2001 Release MTXL The first “All-in-one Game Trainer“, the “MegaTrainer XL” was invented by our co-founder Christian Jänicke. Starting with 5 game trainers, it grew to 91 by the time it was retired.
Mtx trainer
2012 Release MTX “MegaTrainer Experience,” – the second generation, was also invented and built by Christian, and was published as a successor to the MTXL in 2012. By the time it was retired, the game trainer library had grown to 694 games.
Megadev GmbH Symbol
2015 Founding Date MegaDev MegaDev is officially founded and incorporated.
MTU trainer
2016 Release MTU V1 MegaTrainer Ultimate (V1) was a major technical leap, featuring the ability to execute cheat codes via mouse click AND hotkeys.
MTU V2 trainer
2018 Release MTU V2 MegaTrainer Ultimate (V2)” replaced V1. It featured a modern design, new user features and a new adjacent website and forum structure. Over 1,000 additional games were added in its 2 year life span, boasting a total of 2,212 game trainers before PLITCH took everything to a new level.
09.03.2020 Release PLITCH PLITCH officially launches, featuring 33,000+ game mods and cheat codes and support for 2,500+ games.
PLITCH Link Apps
09.03.2020 Release PLITCH Link App The PLITCH Link App was a major breakthrough that enabled gamers to activate and manage their PLITCH mods from their phone.
PLITCH 2.0 Trainer
10.24.2023 Release PLITCH 2.0 The next generation of PLITCH expanded to 56,000+ cheat codes and trainers for 4,200+ games. This update also included new gamification features like Achievements as well as a new iOS and Android App.

The MegaDev Team at Work!

The MegaDev team works tirelessly behind the scenes to make your gaming experience better. The statistics below showcase the team’s dedication to supporting gamers across the globe.
4400 + Supported Games
PLITCH PC trainer supports more than 4400 of your favorite PC games
30+ In-Depth Videos & Guides per Month
MegaDev releases 30+ new videos and guides for the PLITCH pc cheat software per month
250+ Game Patches (on Average) per Week
PLITCH game trainer is constantly updated with about 250+ patches every week
20+ New Game Trainers (on Average) per Week
PLITCH game trainer is constantly updated with about 20+ patches every week
10 Supported Languages
PLITCH trainer supports 10 languages and is used worldwide by PC gamers
58200+ PC Game Mods
PLITCH is the largest PC trainer with an extensive library of over 58200 PC game mods and cheat codes
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