Game trainers are a "must-have" for many and others see them as a "no-go". However, the fact is that such software helps gamers in single-player games to get the maximum out of their gaming time. We'll look at the moral issue surrounding trainers as well as the option to create your own trainer. We'll also show you what PLITCH can do for you and your gameplay.

What is a game trainer?

A trainer is a program that gives you an advantage in various games. For example, you can get more money, resources or energy with a trainer. This is because the system usually packs the data for the various values into the RAM, i.e. the main memory.


A trainer software is therefore a program that reads these game-specific values in the RAM and then makes them usable to change them. The PLITCH app is also a trainer software - only much more extensive and less focused on a specific game, but on a whole range of games.

Basically, it is possible to create your very own trainer software. You don't need much more than some initiative, the right software, the game and of course some time and patience. But the fact is: If you have found out the right values in the RAM, you can change them.

Is it impossible to cheat without a game trainer?

Basically, it is not possible to cheat "just" like that in a single player game. However, in order to test their games, developers have often implemented codes that make specific levels, bosses or quests easier to test. If a particularly difficult boss is to be tested, it would not be very helpful if the developer is always interrupted by the death of the character.


One of the first cheats to really become famous is known today as the "Konami Code". It was invented by Kazuhisa Hashimoto. He was working on the port of Gradius, but the iconic shoot 'em up was too hard to test easily. So he developed the code, but forgot to remove it from the game code afterwards. Thus, it could then be used by players in the final version.

Apart from the codes "forgotten" by developers, PLITCH offers you a maintained software, i.e. a game trainer, with which you can access cheats in over 3,100 games. You don't have to do more than download and install the software. At PLITCH you will also find completely free codes and, due to our promotions, special opportunities to get premium codes every now and then.

Why cheat?

If you want to make progress in games, you have to defeat monsters, master sections or quite often collect huge amounts of resources first. While the latter in particular is still within limits in some games, others are notorious for the high degree of grinding. You'll be busy for what feels like an "eternity" collecting certain things.

Cheats can help you exactly in those phases of the game where you hardly make any progress and still spend hours chopping wood, catching fish, finding rare ores or many other things. Likewise, a code can help you if you can't crack the level boss or end boss even after the hundredth attempt.

A trainer software is also always interesting when there is not much time available for gaming anyway. Consequently, you, like many others, want to enjoy your time as much as possible in-game. There is little desire to play one and the same section x amount of times or to search for resources for hours. With cheats, you can skip the passages that are rather uninteresting for the pure game experience in this context.


Once you've completed a game you might want to play it again. Wouldn't it be great to experience it in a different way that makes you discover even more features and even game content? Simply use a trainer to modify your experience and see it from a new perspective. It'll be an enlightening experience to find out what else the game has to offer. There are often things that players overlook on their first playthrough and these can be unveiled easily when playing with cheats enabled. Give it a try and get even more out of your games.

What cheats are there in a trainer?

Depending on the game and especially the game genre, other codes of the trainer software are required. In first-person shooters, for example, maximum health could be just as interesting as infinite ammunition or a cheat that makes reloading unnecessary. Functions that are of secondary importance in building strategies and absolutely useless in racing games.


The decisive factor is the genre and software that delivers more than just solutions adapted to a single game. PLITCH offers you a wide range of cheats that you can activate for a variety of games with just a few clicks. So you don't need a whole bunch of game trainers, but only one.

Some typical cheats

This cheat is basically the option to enjoy the game free of any constraints. Most of the time, this gives the player infinite life energy, stamina, mana or similar. In addition, reloading often becomes as unnecessary as collecting ammunition.

Infinity Money:
As the name suggests, using such a code gives the player infinite money, gold, or other in-game currency.

Ability Points, Level-Up Points:
Trainers with this option grant the gamer an unlimited number of level-up points via the game cheats, in order to be able to independently level up skills or other abilities. This gives you the freedom to experience the game the way you want - right from the start.

It always depends where you cheat

When talking about cheating in games, the counter-argument is often that it is always unfair. This is not really the right way of looking at it. There is a big difference between using a software like PLITCH in single player mode only and using special tools to gain advantages online in multiplayer.


Cheating in singleplayer vs in multiplayer

While a trainer in singleplayer is simply designed to provide an individualized gaming experience, using cheats in multiplayer it is clearly unfair. By using cheats in a competetive match, you gain an advantage by breaking the rules which ruins the game for everyone else. Accordingly, gamers who play online with others and use codes will consequently be severely punished and banned. In single player mode, on the other hand, you are merely creating your own personal gaming experience by using codes and thus harming no one.

PLITCH is fair

For this reason we can also guarantee you that our PLITCH software is absolutely fair, as it is made exclusively for use in single player. An illegal influence on online games is not possible. So you are absolutely on the safe side when it comes to enjoying a game in single player mode with PLITCH tailoring it to your own wishes.

Free game trainers - what's the catch?

If you look for trainer software on the web, you can quickly find a variety of programs and offers. However, there is usually a catch.

Usually a trainer is developed for a specific game. So it specifically reads the values that affect the corresponding game. If there is an update for the title, the software has to be adapted as well. During this time, it is usually simply not possible for you to continue using your previously used codes.


Many free trainers therefore no longer work after an update. This creates the problem that the free trainers available are not always maintained or it takes days, weeks or even months until the program also works for the current game version.


An even bigger problem can be found in terms of security. With free mod trainers, personal trainers, game trainers or the various apps that are sold on dubious sites on the Internet, you can never be completely sure that you won't download viruses or other malware onto your PC by using them and end up damaging Windows through the game mods.


Furthermore, "free" does not also mean free. After all, data on the Internet quickly brings a lot of money. With free trainers and other modifications as well as used trainer cheats, it can quickly happen that your data is "stolen". Therefore, you should always choose a reputable provider like PLITCH. From us you will also get a variety of cheats that are completely legal and safe!

Can you make a game trainer yourself?

As already mentioned, software trainers help you to change certain values in the game. Roughly two types of values are needed for this:

Static Memory Addresses (SMA)
Dynamic Memory Addresses (DMA)

The difference is that the one value (SMA) is always found at the same position in the RAM. Accordingly, it is easy to find it and subsequently edit it according to one's own intentions. The DMAs, on the other hand, change their "position" when the system or the game is restarted. In this respect, it is somewhat more difficult to find these values.


However, with the respective programs it is possible to filter them and prevent them from changing their position. If you want to build one yourself, there are several ways to do so. In the following, we will roughly look at one option.

What could your own trainer look like?

First of all, you need a basic understanding of the subject. In addition, three things are necessary:

- Cheat Engine
- delphi
- game

The starting point is that you want to find a certain value for a resource and edit it afterwards. Now it is important to find out how many of the resource you have in the game.

In Cheat Engine, the button labeled "open process" is then used.
In the window that then opens, select the process - that is, the game.
Click on the magnifying glass to open a search window and select "exact value".
At "value" enter the amount of resources you have.
A large number of values will come up.
In the game, look for some more materials of the resource and note how many you have.
Back in the trainer you use the magnifying glass symbol with the dots behind it, which stands for "search further".
Here you change "value" to the new resource value.

Do this until only 4 addresses are displayed. Then you go into the game and spend some of the resource, search the value again via the program and you will have found your resource.

What follows is more profound. You can now adjust the value once. But you do not have a trainer yet.
To realize one, it is necessary to write a code, e.g. with delphi. A tutorial on this would go beyond the scope of this article.

Why use PLITCH?

Of course, it's easier with proven all-in-one solutions like PLITCH, which have been tested and celebrated in real-world use by a large number of players. We implement usability and performance with the simplest means, so that you have the maximum time to experience your favorite games the way you want.


Besides free cheats, you can also rely on PLITCH that the codes are "safe to use". You don't have to fear a ban, because the codes are only available in singleplayer anyway. Since PLITCH supports more than 3,100 games, you will most likely find cheats for "your" game as well. You don't have to do anything more than download the software for free from our download section.

Besides, with PLITCH you can make the game not only easier, but also more difficult. Our trainer offers you hardcore cheats that will really challenge your game. In addition, PLITCH provides you with personal customer support. So if you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, you can contact us at any time.

We offer you a variety of cheats for more than 3,100 games. A large part of them you can use absolutely free of charge. Simply download the PLITCH app and get started. If you want access to all codes, we offer you an exclusive premium service, with which you get even more cheats.

Apart from that, it's worth taking a regular look at PLITCH anyway. Every now and then, we make sure that you are supplied with top codes on a daily basis with special promotions or special offers. So the question is, when will you stop cheating and start PLITCHing?

Simple, fair and secure: PLITCH

From us you get your own personalized home screen and AI based recommendations and statistics. At the same time, our all-in-one trainer software provides you with more than 41,300 cheats including excellent customer support and companion apps, with which you can activate the codes in the game uncomplicatedly and, above all, seamlessly via smartphone or tablet as well.

Our service for you is rounded off with auto-updates, a wide range of customization options and support that is always available to you. And as if that wasn't enough, PLITCH also offers you something special with regard to e-sports. PLITCH is the only trainer that allows you to make games more difficult. So you can train like a pro and get the ultimate edge.