Anno 1800 How to increase your Influence: Tricks & Cheats

In the sea of numbers, values, and symbols, the newly introduced resource Influence can be overlooked sometimes. But its importance for success or defeat becomes clear in the mid-game at the latest. Among other things, Influence points are used to maintain important buildings and ships. It is, therefore, all the more essential to manage this value well. We'll show you how to do that without a lot of farming.

Quick overview: The role of Influence in Anno 1800

- Influence is an elementary resource and an important indicator of success
- Certain actions, objects, and buildings have to be paid with Influence
- In the beginning, you have some Influence available as a basis
- Afterwards, the resource is increased by the population growth and by investor buildings

Influence: What can you buy?

For some actions in the categories of propaganda, trade, military, optimization, culture, and expansion you have to spend Influence. These actions include activities such as manipulating newspaper reports, buying buildings and ships, and purchasing islands as well as culture modules.

So that you don't already become exasperated with it in the early game, Anno 1800 is at least merciful enough to often spare you with first investments. However, if you exceed a certain investment limit, the game will ask you to pay a lot.

1) Propaganda
a) Propaganda items
Cost: Depending on the type, a measure costs between 10 and a whopping 135 Influence points.

2) Trade
a) Trading ships
Cost: Maintenance costs range from 1 to 8 Influence points. Up to 8 points are free.

b) Charter routes
Cost: From the third route, 5 Influence points must be invested for each additional route.

3) Military
a) Military Ships
Cost: Maintenance costs range from 2 to 12 Influence points. Up to 20 points are free.

b) Defenses
Cost: The cost of defenses is between 2 and 12 points of Influence. Up to 35 points are free.

4) Optimization
a) Trade Unions
Costs: The first building is for free. After that, they cost 20 Influence each.

b) Town Halls
Costs: Same here: The first one is free; after that 20 Influence points.

c) Harbormaster’s Offices
Cost: The first harbormaster's office is free. Additional buildings cost 20 Influence.

5) Culture
a) Zoo
Cost: The first ten modules are on the house. After that, you have to pay 10 Influence for each additional one.

b) Museum
Cost: Same as before: The first ten are free; after that, 10 Influence.

6) Expansion
a) Islands
Costs: While the first 100,000 island fields are free, the following 1,000 fields each cost one point of Influence. So build your continent with caution.

b) Commuter piers
Cost: Two piers are free. More cost you 15 points.

c) Shares
Cost: Nothing is free here. Each share costs 10 Influence.

Influence: Which bonuses can you unlock?

Up to three bonuses can be unlocked in each category. You don't have to use extra points to do this, as you would with a skill tree. Instead, you passively unlock the practical perks by making the appropriate investments.

For example, if you put a lot of Influence into the propaganda category, then above certain thresholds you unlock bonuses that increase the effectiveness of the newspaper.

Thus, these advantages basically reflect your play style: the more you do something, the better you are at it.

1) Propaganda
a) Writer
- Investment: 50 Influence
- Effect: Effectiveness of the newspaper + 7 %

b) Politician
- Investment: 150 Influence
- Effect: Effectiveness of the newspaper + 15 %

c) Master Rhetorician
- Investment: 300 Influence
- Effect: Effectiveness of the newspaper + 25 %

2) Trade
a) Stockbroker
- Investment: 50 Influence
- Effect: Movement speed of ships + 7 %

b) Broker
- Investment: 150 Influence
- Effect: Movement speed of ships + 15 %

c) Economic leader
- Investment: 300 Influence
- Effect: movement speed of ships + 25 %

3) Military
a) Admiral
- Investment: 50 Influence
- Effect: Attack speed + 7 %

b) Commander in Chief
- Investment: 150 Influence
- Effect: Attack speed + 15 %

c) First Sea Lord
- Investment: 300 Influence
- Effect: Attack speed + 25 %

4) Optimization
a) Administrator
- Investment: 50 Influence
- Effect: Maintenance costs - 3 %

b) Head of the department
- Investment: 150 Impact
- Effect: Maintenance costs - 6 %

c) Captain of industry
- Investment: 300 Influence
- Effect: Maintenance costs - 10 %

5) Culture
a) Curator
- Investment: 50 Influence
- Effect: Attractiveness + 10 %

b) Art connoisseur
- Investment: 150 Influence
- Effect: Attractiveness + 20 %

c) Patron
- Investment: 300 Influence
- Effect: Attractiveness + 35 %

6) Expansion
a) Conqueror
- Investment: 50 Influence
- Effect: Manpower of the island + 50

b) Subjugator
- Investment: 150 Influence
- Effect: Manpower of the island + 100

c) World leader
- Investment: 300 Influence
- Effect: Workforce of the island + 200

How do you get Influence in Anno 1800?

At the beginning of a game, 100 Influence points are available to you without any effort. Beyond that, there are two ways to earn Influence. On the one hand, you generate Influence through population growth, and on the other hand through investor buildings.

Every 400 inhabitants you gain 15 Influence. The soft cap is 16,000 global inhabitants. This means that above this limit, less Influence is generated per 400 inhabitants. In the settings, you can adjust this rate in three levels.

Investors are the last population level. They have very high demands, but in return, you get two Influence points per residential building. So, from the mid-game to the end-game you should hold many investors to increase your Influence gain.

You can also demolish buildings that you have paid for with Influence points. You will get back all the points you invested. The same applies to ships. For example, if your frigate has been sunk, you will get back the full four Influence points. Therefore, you should not own useless ships that just sit around and cap your Influence.

However, many players often find said resource annoying, since it can slow down the game. Players with a focus on warfare or trade particularly suffered from the slow gain of Influence points. This not only limited the freedom but also lowered the enjoyment of the gameplay.

Developer Blue Byte reacted to the fans' criticism early after the release with a patch, but it couldn't completely eliminate the problem: It still takes a long time to collect enough points to play the way you want.

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