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Forum - Offtopic - required time for creation of trainers


required time for creation of trainers

by laveturner
Created On 9/2/2021 12:00:36 PM
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i was wondering how long it usually takes from the time a game comes out and gets requested to when a trainer can get created. does annyone have a rough idea of this?
just to know for when dying light 2 : staying human comes out
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it always depends on the game, release date+time and the number of cheats 😉 

at first we've to download the game and if it is a small one, we can start 2-10min after release, but for large games we may need to wait 30-60min before we can start... after start e.g. a basic set of some cheats like "Unlimited ammo" and "No reload" is mostly possible to create within less than a hour... together with a "Godmode" it can be quick and easy as well or need multiple hours to get a good one working... to finish a big set of cheats (10-20+) it will need usualy 4-20 hours

a few examples:
- today WRC10 has been released and I created the same cheats like last year for WRC9... even if the code looks different in memory, it's still working the same way and thus I only needed 1 hour to build all the cheats again, but 2 years ago for WRC8 I only was able to create the basic cheats for money etc. within 1 hour and needed some more hours to get the encrypted timer
- few days ago Tinytopia has been released and the money cheat was done within 5min, then the 3 different goals including detailed testing within the first hour, but the building godmode needed a lot of different locations in memory and needed some hours to develop
- Endless Space 2 some year ago was easy to modify by hand in memory, but writing stable cheats needed 2-3 days if I remember correctly and then it was everything the same way and 60+ cheats were possible within a few hours

if it is possible to cheat Dying Light 2, there should be a trainer (maybe not directly with all but at least some basic cheats) only a few hours after release
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