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Above Snakes

Above Snakes
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

Activate First



Refill Fatigue

Refill Sanity

Refill Hunger

Refill Thirst

Refill Stamina

Refill Health

Extra 25 Damage To Player


Unlimited Consumables (Inventory)

Player attributes

Set Rifle Damage

Set Ranged Damage

Premium Cheats


Add Gold

Reset Gold To 0


Unlimited Health

Unlimtied Stamina

No Thirst

No Hunger

Unlimited Sanity

Unlimited Fatigue

Extra 50 Damage To Player

Extra 75 Damage To Player

Set Health

Set Thirst

Set Hunger

Set Sanity

Set Fatigue


Unlimited Resources (Inventory)

Unlimited Building Materials (Inventory)


Enable Developer Console: ON

Enable Developer Console: OFF

No Resource Costs: ON

No Resource Costs: OFF

Player attributes

Set Critical Chance

Set Critical Damage

Set Base Damage

Set Melee Damage

Set Axe Damage

Set Bow Damage

Set Armor

Cheat Description
Above Snakes Cheats
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About: Above Snakes

Above Snakes – Create, build, and survive

Immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of creation and survival in Above Snakes, an isometric RPG set in the untamed Wild West. Embark on a journey where you can build your own world, brick by brick, as you traverse diverse biomes and face the relentless forces of nature and the dreaded Lost Souls. Whether you seek the tranquility of agricultural pursuits or the adrenaline of exhilarating combat, Above Snakes offers players boundless opportunities for adventure and triumph. If you want to customize the game, it’s time to try the Above Snakes cheats from PLITCH. With the cheat codes from our Above Snakes trainer, you can play the game exactly the way you want.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Square Glade Games
Publisher: Crytivo
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 6/5/2023
Latest Game Version: 1.0.6

Build your own world!

Customize the game with our Above Snakes cheats

How can our Above Snakes trainer elevate your gaming experience?

Are you ready to take your Above Snakes experience on PC to new heights? Well, we've got something that will elevate your gameplay: our game trainers!

With PLITCH's game trainer, you can unlock a whole new level of excitement in Above Snakes. Imagine unlimited health and stamina, or being able to set your thirst, hunger, sanity, and other stats. These Above Snakes cheats give you the power to bend the rules of the game and make you an unstoppable force against your enemies.

PLITCH's game trainers are like a key to unlocking the full potential of Above Snakes. They allow you to experiment, have fun, and explore the game in ways you never thought possible. You can create unique scenarios, try out different strategies, and truly immerse yourself in the exciting world of the Wild West.

Take control of your gaming experience and customize the game to your liking with our Above Snakes cheats. Remember, gaming is all about having fun and cheating in a single-player game is a positive way to enhance that enjoyment. Embrace the power of cheat codes and make your adventures in the world of Above Snakes stand out from the rest!

Happy Gaming!

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