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Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent
PC Cheats & Trainer


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Slow walking

Fast walking

Very fast walking

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Add materials (Otagu Workshop)

Set materials to 0 (Otagu Workshop)

Add xenosamples (Otagu Workshop)

Set xenosamples to 0 (Otagu Workshop)


No reload


Infinite Health

Infinite armor

No stress

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Aliens: Dark Descent Cheats
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About: Aliens: Dark Descent

Aliens: Dark Descent - Prepare to face the unknown!

Prepare for a heart-pounding adventure in Aliens: Dark Descent, an intense squad-based action game set in the acclaimed Alien universe. As a commander, it's up to you to lead a group of fearless Colonial Marines on a desperate mission to stop a terrifying Xenomorph outbreak on the planet Lethe. Engage in real-time combat against the iconic Xenomorphs, rogue agents of the ruthless Weyland-Yutani Corporation, and a host of terrifying new creatures that will test your skills and courage. Your soldiers are your ultimate weapon in this thrilling fight for survival. If you want to customize the game to your liking, PLITCH's Aliens: Dark Descent cheats are the way to go. With the cheat codes from our Aliens: Dark Descent trainer, you can experience the game in a whole new way.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Tindalos Interactive
Publisher: Focus Entertainment
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/11/2023
Latest Game Version: Build 95680

Stop the Xenomorph outbreak!

Fight for your life with PLITCH's Aliens: Dark Descent cheats

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