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Bermuda - Lost Survival

Bermuda - Lost Survival
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Cheat Description
Bermuda - Lost Survival Cheats
PLITCH is an independent PC software with 53500+ cheats for 3900+ PC games, including 10 cheats for Bermuda - Lost Survival
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About: Bermuda - Lost Survival

Bermuda - Lost Survival: Survivors, Adventurers and Explorers!

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the mysterious places in the entire world, people, ships, airplanes etc. disappear over and over again. That's where the 2017 released indie-survival-video-game Bermuda - Lost Survival is sending you. Can you survive long enough to finally unearth its secrets and mysteries? To avoid loneliness, sickness and other diseases, our our exclusive PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats will accompany you on your excursion!
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Developer: NIGHTBOX
Publisher: NIGHTBOX
Release Year: 2017
Last Update: 10/14/2020
Latest Game Version: 1.0 Patch 2020-10-14

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