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Blade Assault
Blade Assault Cheats

Blade Assault PC Cheats & Trainer

Plitch Cheat-codes for Blade Assault

Blade Assault – Defeat the corrupted military of Esperanza

In a world of corruption and misery, only the strong will survive. But that's not going to stop you from bringing the corrupt to justice. With Blade Assault, you'll take on the role of a resistance fighter in the Undercity, fighting against the corrupt military of Esperanza. This 2D action rogue-lite platformer features beautiful pixel art and an engaging story that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Check out our PLITCH cheat codes if you want to make the game even better. With the Blade Assault trainer and Blade Assault cheats you can customize the game to your liking.
Developer: TeamSuneat
Publisher: NEOWIZ
Release Year: 2022
Last Update: 7/5/2022
Latest Game Version: 1.274
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First


Player general

Refill Health

Low Health

Premium Cheats


Set Gems

Set Roses

Set Coins

Set Chips

Set Cubes



Unlimited Mana

Player general

Refill Mana

Low Mana

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