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Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2
PC Cheats & Trainer


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+5.000 money

-5.000 money

+1 Badass Tokens

-1 Badass Tokens

+15 Eridium

-15 Eridium


Refill ammo


+1 Skillpoint

-1 Skillpoint

+1.000 Experiences

-1.000 Experiences

Premium Cheats


+15 Seraph Crystals

+15 Torgue Tokens


Infinite ammo

Unlock 4 weaponslots

No Reload


Instant ability cooldown



+20,000 Experiences


+1 Itemslot

-1 Itemslot

+1 Golden Key

Cheat Description
Borderlands 2 Cheats
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About: Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2: Variety of first Quality!

In the game itself we shoot our way through gigantic hordes of enemies – by using futuristic guns! Each of the four playable characters comes up with their own skills and with its own backstory that you will experience throughout the game. Thanks to our PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats your weapons will be equipped with infinite munition all the time!
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Gearbox Software, Aspyr
Publisher: 2K Games, Aspyr Media
Release Year: 2012
Last Update: 10/5/2022
Latest Game Version:

Conquer Pandora in Borderlands 2

Become the ultimate badass with our Borderlands 2 PC cheats

What can our money and resources cheats do for you in Borderlands 2?

With our Borderlands 2 cheats for money and resources, you can prepare yourself perfectly for your adventure on Pandora.

Start by making yourself rich so you can equip yourself with the best weapons and items the shop has to offer. This can be combined perfectly with our weapon slot cheat, which lets you unlock 4 weapon slots at once.

Using the Eridium cheat code will help you unlock tons of character upgrades and grant you access to unlockable levels and side missions.

The best loot, however, can be found right in Sanctuary inside the Golden Chests. Opening them, however, requires special keys that are not easy to find. If you still want to get your hands on the precious items as quickly as possible, you can do so with our +1 golden key cheat code from our trainer.

The Borderlands 2 characters are naturally real badasses. But now you can become an even bigger badass in no time with our badass tokens cheat code, which allows you to increase your Badass Rank and improve your stats.

To complete your character's upgrading, all you need to do is level them up and unlock all the skills. You can easily do that with our skill and experience cheats. From Sanctuary to the Tundra – with these codes, you can start your adventure unhindered!

What can our weapons and energy cheats do for you in Borderlands 2?

Now that all the preparations have been made, you can get started as a Vault Hunter. But our Borderlands 2 trainer can do a lot more!

Now you are well equipped, but the wasteland is full of enemies and dangers that often require you to improvize. Our Borderlands 2 weapons cheats give you infinite ammo and eliminate annoying reloading, so you can win any shooter battle in no time.

If you still get into trouble, you can simply activate Godmode right on the spot, which will make you invincible.

Killing your opponents with your special abilities is one of the most fun parts of the game. Does it also annoy you that you can only use them to a limited extent? Then you can change that now, thanks to our instant ability cooldown cheat.

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