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PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

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Increase peasant move speed

Decrease peasant move speed

Regular peasant move speed


Selected critter: fill health

Selected critter: low health

Selected critter: full food

Selected critter: low food

Premium Cheats


Peasants always max mood

Peasants always max work

Peasants always max health

Peasants always max food

Peasants always max water

Peasants always max sleep

Peasants always max warmth

Peasants always max cleanliness

Peasants always max bathroom

Peasants always max social

Peasants always max fun


Selected peasant: +x Harvest Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Mining Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Lumber Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Gathering Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Building Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Cooking Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Crafting Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Clothes Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Farming Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Hauling Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Repair Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Hunting Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Doctor Skillpoints

Selected peasant: +x Cleaning Skillpoints


Selected stockpile: max amount

Selected stockpile: max condition

Selected stockpile: max quality

Stockpiles always max condition

Stockpiles always max quality


Fast build

Free building (auto fill resources)


Selected critter: full water

Selected critter: low water

Selected critter: full care

Selected critter: low care

Selected critter: full manure

Selected critter: low manure

Critters always max health

Critters always max food

Critters always max water

Critters always max care

Critters always max manure

Player attributes

Selected peasant: full mood

Selected peasant: low mood

Selected peasant: full work

Selected peasant: low work

Selected peasant: full health

Selected peasant: low health

Selected peasant: full food

Selected peasant: low food

Selected peasant: full water

Selected peasant: low water

Selected peasant: full sleep

Selected peasant: low sleep

Selected peasant: full warmth

Selected peasant: low warmth

Selected peasant: full cleanliness

Selected peasant: low cleanliness

Selected peasant: full bathroom

Selected peasant: low bathroom

Selected peasant: full social

Selected peasant: low social

Selected peasant: full fun

Selected peasant: low fun

Cheat Description
Clanfolk Cheats
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About: Clanfolk

Clanfolk – Welcome to the Scottish Highlands

Introducing Clanfolk! In this great colony sim, you'll enter the Scottish Highlands and take charge of your very own clan. It'll be tough, but if you're resourceful and clever enough, you'll be able to survive and even thrive across generations. Our PLITCH cheat codes can help you with that. Our Clanfolk trainer and Clanfolk cheats will make sure that your clan will endure.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: MinMax Games
Publisher: Hooded Horse
Release Year: 2022
Last Update: 8/31/2023
Latest Game Version: 0.419

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