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Dune - Spice Wars
Dune - Spice Wars Cheats

Dune - Spice Wars PC Cheats & Trainer

Plitch Cheat-codes for Dune - Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars - Lead your army and conquer Arrakis!

Welcome to Dune: Spice Wars , the real-time strategy game that lets you lead your faction and battle for control and dominance over the harsh desert planet of Arrakis. This is a place where the most influential forces in the universe clash, and only the strongest will survive. Scan the landscape for wormsign or risk losing your troops and spice harvesters to titanic sandworms. The stakes are high in this game – but with great risk comes great rewards. So ready your troops and get the game today! If you’re looking for cheat codes then look no further than the PLITCH Dune: Spice Wars trainer. Our software will have you enjoy the game to its fullest with our Dune: Spice Wars cheats.
Developer: Shiro Games
Publisher: Funcom, Shiro Games
Release Year: 2022
Last Update: 6/24/2022
Latest Game Version:
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First



Add Solari

Premium Cheats

Activate First

Prepare: health

Prepare: hegemony

Prepare: resources 2


Min 10 Water

Min 99 Water

Min 10 Fuel

Min 99 Fuel

Add Plascrete

Add Manpower

Add Authority

Add Influence

Add Standing

Add Spice

Add Intel




Min 9,999 Command points

Get Next Agent


Easy Kill


Instant Infiltration

Min 2k hegemony

Min 5,000 hegemony

Min 15,000 hegemony

Min 50,000 hegemony (Instant Win)

Min 10 Knowledge

Min 99 Knowledge

Min 999 Knowledge

Min 9,999 Knowledge

Min 999 Votes

Min 9,999 Votes

Cheat Description

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