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Eternal Evil

Eternal Evil
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

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Player general

Increase movement speed

Decrease movement speed

Regular movement speed

Premium Cheats


Add ammo (magazine)

Only 1 shot in magazine

Add ammo (inventory)

No ammo (inventory)

Infinite Ammo

No Reload


Refill Health

Low Health



Enemy: Freeze movement

Slow enemies

Fast enemies

Set enemy speed

Enemy: Regular movement speed

Easy Kill

Cheat Description
Eternal Evil Cheats
PLITCH is an independent PC software with 50000+ cheats for 3700+ PC games, including 19 cheats for Eternal Evil
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About: Eternal Evil

Eternal Evil – Beware of the ghouls!

The quiet town of Purity Falls is under siege by an evil force. For weeks, the townsfolk have been disappearing in the night, only to reappear as grotesque monsters. It falls to you to uncover the dark secret behind this gruesome event. Eternal Evil is an old-school survival-horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Solve puzzles, carefully read notes and use various weapons against horrific and evolving enemies. If you’re ever in a precarious situation, don’t hesitate to activate PLITCH’s Eternal Evil PC cheats. The cheat codes from our Eternal Evil trainer always go your back.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Honor Games
Publisher: Honor Games
Release Year: 2022
Last Update: 11/22/2022
Latest Game Version: 2022-11-03

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PLITCH is a Freemium Software covering 3,700+ PC games. Every game has a limited set of free cheats that you can use as you wish.

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Eternal Evil Community Board

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11/22/2022 9:45:53 AM
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