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F1 23

F1 23
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

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Fuel +10l (during race)

Fuel -10l (during race)


Opponents maximum 7th gear

Opponents maximum 6th gear

Opponents maximum 5th gear


Player maximum 7th gear

Player maximum 6th gear

Player maximum 5th gear

Premium Cheats


Add resource points

Set resource points

Add Money (my team)

Set Money (my team)

Add perk fund

Set perk fund


Fuel nevers runs out (min 1l)

Player infinite ERS

Player no ERS

Repair Gear Box (during race)

Repair Combustion Engine (during race)

Repair Turbocharger (during race)

Repair Energy Store (during race)

Repair MGU-H (during race)

Repair MGU-K (during race)

Repair Control Electronics (during race)


Player Brakes don't overheat

Player perfect tires

Player bad tires

Player Super Grip

Player Good Grip

Player above average grip

Player 100% grip

Player 100.5% grip

Player 101% grip

Player 102% grip

Player 103% grip

Player 104% grip

Player 105% grip

Player Low Grip

Player Very Low Grip


AI perfect tires

AI bad tires

AI infinite ERS


AI Super Grip

AI Low Grip

AI Very Low Grip

AI No Grip

AI Good Grip

Opponents maximum 4th gear

Opponents maximum 3rd gear

Opponents maximum 2nd gear

Opponents maximum 1st gear


Player maximum 4th gear

Player maximum 3rd gear

Player maximum 2nd gear

Player maximum 1st gear

Cheat Description
F1 23 Cheats
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About: F1 23

F1 23 - The race is on!

Get ready to test your skills and your nerves in F1 23, the official video game of the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship™, brought to you by EA SPORTS™. Be the ultimate daredevil and be the last to brake in this exhilarating racing game. Prepare for high-speed drama and intense rivalries as you dive into the gripping Braking Point story mode and immerse yourself in a thrilling new chapter of Formula One. Are you ready to conquer the track and emerge victorious? Leave the competition in the dust with PLITCH's F1 23 cheats. Choose the cheat codes you want from our F1 23 trainer and always come out on top.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/27/2023
Latest Game Version: 1.14.1030131

Always come out on top with our F1 23 game trainer

Win every race with PLITCH’s F1 23 cheats

Level up your gaming experience with our trainer!

Are you a PC gaming enthusiast who loves the exciting world of Formula 1? Then we have some exciting news for you! Let us introduce you to PLITCH, the ultimate game trainer software that will revolutionize your single-player F1 23 experience. Get ready to unleash your full potential on the track with the power of cheat codes! Cheating isn't about undermining fair competition or diminishing the achievements of others; it's about adding an exciting twist to your personal racing adventures.

Imagine effortlessly zooming past your opponents, mastering every corner, and overtaking maneuvers with ease. With PLITCH's F1 23 cheats at your disposal, you will become the master of the F1 23 universe. Why struggle with endless restarts or spend hours honing your skills when you can experience the thrill of victory instantly?

PLITCH offers a wide range of F1 23 cheats. Whether you want more fuel, resource points, or money, PLITCH has you covered. It's like having a pit crew dedicated to your success and enjoyment. If you want to train your skills, our F1 23 cheats are also for you. Try playing with less fuel and less grip, or against an AI with perfect tires. Our cheats work both ways!

So don't let anyone tell you that cheating is always negative. With PLITCH, it becomes a tool for self-expression and a way to experience the game on your own terms. Embrace the power of cheat codes and unlock a world of unlimited possibilities in F1 23. Get ready to conquer the tracks and revel in the joy of victory!

Happy Gaming!

How does our game trainer differ from others?

Enhance your F1 23 gaming experience with PLITCH, the ultimate game trainer for PC single-player titles. Here are 5 reasons why our F1 23 cheats and trainer are special:

  • Versatile customization: PLITCH offers cheat codes to make F1 23 as easy or challenging as you want, catering to both casual and competitive gamers.

  • Safe and legal: PLITCH's cheats are legal and safe, and won't harm your game files. They're exclusively for single-player mode, ensuring fairness in multiplayer.

  • User-friendly: Our client supports multiple languages, has custom hotkeys, and an overlay app for in-game cheats activation.

  • Always up-to-date: PLITCH keeps your cheats up-to-date, ensuring compatibility with the latest game patches, including releases like F1 23.

  • Exceptional support: Benefit from outstanding customer service through PLITCH's Discord server and forum for assistance, discussions, and trainer requests.

Don't wait—download PLITCH today and redefine your F1 23 adventure.

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