Hello PLITCH community,

We have some exciting news to share! Our support system has leveled up which brings several improvements that will make your experience using PLITCH even better.


The two main features are the PLITCH Wizard and our brand-new Help Center.


You probably already noticed the Support Button on the bottom left of the website. Use this feature to riddle our PLITCH Wizard with questions in order to figure out the solution to any issue you might be having with our software. In case you still require the assistance of our support staff, comfortably send a support ticket via this widget and we will help you out as always.


Don’t forget to browse the PLITCH Help Center where you can find helpful articles sorted in different categories. Discover answers to all kinds of questions regarding the website, the client and other aspects that have to do with PLITCH. If you have any suggestions regarding which articles should be included in our Help Center, please don’t hesitate to let us know below this post.


To sum it all up, this upgrade of our support system offers you the possibility to help yourself first and to find solutions hassle-free on your own. This means you won’t require the help of our support staff as often and can keep gaming the way you want to without having to wait for a reply.


Happy Gaming with PLITCH – Cheating Done Right!