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Shelter Manager TRAINER

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Plitch Cheat-codes for Shelter Manager

Shelter Manager – Life after the end of days

In 2021’s Shelter Manager, you have to survive the apocalypse. With many different challenges to meet, this game gives you tasks that range from developing society after a global disaster like a nuclear war, a pandemic, or a meteorite strike to constructing underground bunkers with all the modern amenities. From looting other bunkers for supplies to monitoring the productivity of your survivors, these missions teach you how to run a successful shelter network. Do you want to build the best bunker in the game? Use our Shelter Manager cheat codes and make it happen! Our Shelter Manager Trainer can make your gameplay even more exciting and challenging. Try our Shelter Manager cheats for free today!
Developer: Hamsters Gaming
Publisher: Hamsters Gaming
Release Year: 2021
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