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Total War - ROME REMASTERED Trainer

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Plitch Cheat-codes for Total War - ROME REMASTERED

Total War: ROME REMASTERED – A Glorious Empire

The Roman Empire will never be forgotten. This is proven by the strategy-video-game Total War: ROME REMASTERED, which is a remake of Rome: Total War that was released back in 2004. Not only has the game shine with improved 4K graphics, but it also includes new modern features and improved gameplay mechanics. For example, the new tactical map, unit displays, and range markers, as well as the new map rotation feature and a wider zoom level add more depth to the battles. In addition, players now have access to 16 new playable factions and can compete with others in cross-platform multiplayer mode. Build an empire according to your vision with our exclusive PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats!
Developer: Creative Assembly,Feral Interactive
Publisher: Sega
Release Year: 2021
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First


Num 0


Add Money

Num 1

Sub Money

Num 1

Premium Cheats


Heal units in selected army

Num 2

Damage units in selected army

Num 2

Infinite movement

Num 4

Fast recruit

Num 5

Infinite mercenary (if available)

Num 6


Fast build

Num 7


Add Public Order (selected city)

Num 8

Lower Public Order (selected city)

Num 3

Add Population (selected city)

Num 9

Sub Population (selected city)

Num 4
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