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Weed Shop 3 – Welcome to the freaky cannabis business

The 2021 simulation-video-game Weed Shop 3 aims to be as provocative as it can get. You play a young, clueless protagonist who prefers to spend his time getting high instead of going to work. One day, however, you meet a mysterious man on the beach who wants to show you how to get into the cannabis business – completely legally. All he asks for in return is one of your kidneys. After all, you have two of them, so why not? One organ donation later, you'll find yourself in a former dildo store from where you can build your cannabis empire. Grow marijuana plants and sell the good green stuff to your customers – or smoke it yourself. With our exclusive PLITCH Training-Codes and Cheats, you'll become a successful and serious entrepreneur in no time!
Developer: Weed Games
Publisher: Weed Games
Release Year: 2021
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