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Let's School

Let's School
PC Cheats & Trainer


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Selected student: Add intelligence

Selected student: Sub intelligence


Add art contribution points

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Selected teacher: Add management proficiency

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Selected student: Add creativity

Selected student: Sub creativity

Selected student: Add memory

Selected student: Sub memory

Selected student: Add athletics

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2x build speed

5x build speed

10x build speed

100x build speed

0.1x build speed

0.5x build speed

0.75x build speed


Add science contribution points

Sub science contribution points

Add humanities contribution points

Sub humanities contribution points

Add sports contribution points

Sub sports contribution points


Selected teacher: Add teaching proficiency

Selected teacher: Sub teaching proficiency

Selected teacher: Add research proficiency

Selected teacher: Sub research proficiency

Selected teacher: Add training proficiency

Selected teacher: Sub training proficiency


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Let's School Cheats
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About: Let's School

Let’s School – Ever dreamed of managing a school?

Let's School puts you in the shoes of a principal rebuilding your beloved alma mater. Juggle school design, student interests, and teacher dynamics. Balance reputation, needs, academic pressures, and amenities for an immersive challenge. Beyond the typical duties, manage external threats to your school to keep things exciting! If you need help managing your school, don’t hesitate to activate PLITCH’s Let’s School cheats. With the cheat codes from our Let’s School trainer, you’ll be able to overcome any hurdle with ease.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Pathea Games
Publisher: PM Studios, Pathea Games
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/25/2023
Latest Game Version:

Rebuild your dream school with our Let’s School cheats

Manage your school perfectly with PLITCH’s Let’s School trainer

What can you do with our Let’s School game trainer?

Are you ready to take your PC gaming experience to the next level? PLITCH offers an exciting game trainer with an abundance of Let's School cheats for the ultimate single-player adventure. Embrace the power of cheat codes and discover the positive side of cheating.

PLITCH's free cheats allow you to customize your game world. Increase your resources and money with cheats like "Add Money". Increase the intelligence of your selected students or easily manage the skills of your employees.

But wait, there's more! Upgrade to PLITCH's premium cheats and unlock even more possibilities. Enhance your students' creativity, memory, and athleticism to make them stand out in the game. Build structures at lightning speed with multiple construction options for unparalleled efficiency.

PLITCH’s Let’s School cheats allow you to contribute to various fields, such as science, humanities, and sports, for a well-rounded gaming experience. Elevate the skills of your teachers to new heights and become the ultimate leader of your school.

So, embrace the fun and excitement that cheating brings to your single-player adventures. With PLITCH and our Let's School cheats, there's no limit to the joy you can experience as you build your virtual educational empire.

Happy Gaming!

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