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Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

Activate First



Add gold

Sub gold

Player general

Increase movement speed

Decrease movement speed

Regular movement speed

Increase climb speed

Decrease climb speed

Regular climb speed

Premium Cheats


50 Bonus Gold per Kill

250 Bonus Gold per Kill

1,000 Bonus Gold per Kill


Infinite SP in battle

Minimum 1 combo point

Minimum 2 combo points

Minimum 3 combo points


Low XP for kills

2x XP for kills

5x XP for kills

10x XP for kills


Free item usage

Get items on use


No AI damage (Godmode)

0.5x AI damage

1.5x AI damage

3x AI damage


Easy fishing

Player attributes

Super damage (easy kills)

3x damage

1.5x damage

0.5x damage

Cheat Description
Sea of Stars Cheats
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About: Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars – Defeat The Fleshmancer!

Sea of Stars is a nostalgic turn-based RPG that follows two Children of the Solstice on a quest to master Eclipse Magic and defeat The Fleshmancer's monsters. With modernized gameplay and a dash of nostalgia, it promises a fresh take on classic RPGs, blending engaging storytelling, exploration, and environmental interactions for a dose of simple, old-school fun. If you want to make the game even more special, try PLITCH’s Sea of Stars cheats. Our Sea of Stars trainer includes cheat codes that enable you to customize the game to your liking.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Sabotage Studio
Publisher: Sabotage Studio
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/11/2023
Latest Game Version: 1.0.46074

Defeat The Fleshmancer easily with PLITCH’s Sea of Stars cheats

Get additional gold and XP per kill with our Sea of Stars trainer

What can PLITCH help me with in Sea of Stars?

PLITCH's Sea of Stars Trainer on PC features a variety of exciting cheats that enhance the single-player experience and allow players to customize their gameplay. These Sea of Stars cheats, including add/sub gold, movement speed adjustments, god mode, and bonus gold per kill, allow players to tailor their adventure to their liking.


For those who want to explore the depths of the game or experiment with different character builds, PLITCH offers Sea of Star cheats such as infinite SP in combat, combo point control, and XP multipliers. These features allow players to experiment with different play styles and strategies, making each playthrough a unique and enjoyable experience.


In addition, PLITCH introduces options for a more relaxed gaming session, such as free item usage, AI damage control, and fishing assistance. These Sea of Stars cheats are perfect for those who want to focus on the story or simply enjoy a more casual gaming experience.


By offering these cheat codes and mods, PLITCH enables you to unlock new dimensions of fun and creativity in Sea of Stars, making the game even more addictive and enjoyable. So, dive in and experience the game in your own unique way with the help of PLITCH's fantastic Sea of Stars cheats.

Happy Gaming!

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