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Sengoku Dynasty

Sengoku Dynasty
PC Cheats & Trainer


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Heal Player

Restore Stamina

Reset Hunger

Player attributes

Set Movement Speed (default = 1)

Set Gravity (default = 1)

Premium Cheats


Add Money

Reset Money to 0


Unlimited Health

Unlimited Stamina

No Hunger


Add Way Of Leader XP

Sub Way Of Leader XP

Add Way Of Craftsman XP

Sub Way Of Craftsman XP

Add Way Of Warrior XP

Sub Way Of Warrior XP


Set Item Amount (Inventory Slot 1)

Player attributes

Set jump Height (default = 420)

Cheat Description
Sengoku Dynasty Cheats
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About: Sengoku Dynasty

Sengoku Dynasty - Ready to survive in feudal Japan?

Immerse yourself in the multi-genre wonder that is Sengoku Dynasty. Craft your legacy in feudal Japan with a blend of open-world RPG, city builder, and life simulation with survival elements. Lead your dynasty through strife and forge a thriving village amidst once-devastated lands. Hunt, farm, and fight as you explore the beauty of nature and ancient rituals. Uncover Japan's medieval secrets as a leader, craftsman, warrior, or monk on an epic journey. If you need some help along the way, don't hesitate to activate the Sengoku Dynasty cheats from PLITCH. The cheat codes from our Sengoku Dynasty trainer will have your back in every situation.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Superkami
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/20/2023
Latest Game Version:

Lead a thriving dynasty with PLITCH’s Sengoku Dynasty cheats

Don’t worry about hunger and stamina thanks to our Sengoku Dynasty trainer

What does our game trainer have to offer?

Explore the thrilling depths of the Sengoku Dynasty with an edge that takes your gaming experience to the next level. Thanks to PLITCH, a leading game trainer software for PC, single-player enthusiasts can now embrace the world of cheat codes as a positive enhancement to their gameplay.

Unleash an array of free Sengoku Dynasty cheats that keep you in control:

  • Health/Energy: Safeguard your journey by healing yourself and restoring stamina at will.
  • Player attributes: Tweak movement speed and gravity to suit your style, empowering you to dominate battles.

For those seeking the pinnacle of power, PLITCH's premium cheats offer ultimate advantages:

  • Money/Resources: Attain limitless riches with addable money or take a more challenging path by subtracting funds.
  • Health/Energy: Become invincible with infinite health, boundless stamina, and never worrying about hunger again.

Advance your skills and experience like never before with our Sengoku Dynasty cheats:

  • Skills/Experience: Rise as a leader, craftsman, and warrior by adding XP or make the game harder by subtracting them.

Additionally, customize your inventory:

  • Items: Set the quantity of a specific item in your inventory.

Take command of your avatar's attributes:

  • Player attributes: Ascend to new heights by modifying jump capabilities.

Using PLITCH’s Sengoku Dynasty cheats isn't just about bending the rules—it's about enhancing your journey and creating an experience that's uniquely yours.

Happy Gaming!

What makes our Sengoku Dynasty cheats special?

  1. Customized gameplay: PLITCH allows you to customize your Sengoku Dynasty adventure. Change character attributes, create challenges, or play through the story - your game, your rules.
  2. Easy and Hardcore modes: Go beyond just making games easier. Practice offline, impress your friends in multiplayer, or raise the stakes with a variety of cheat codes.
  3. Safe and legal: PLITCH operates within legal boundaries and protects your PC. Cheats access your PC's RAM and are exclusive to the single-player mode. Certified and virus-free.
  4. User-friendly: Our client offers an intuitive interface, custom hotkeys and overlay options. It supports numerous gaming platforms and a huge library of games.
  5. Timely updates and support: PLITCH keeps cheats up to date and ensures compatibility with new releases. Exceptional customer service and a supportive community are at your fingertips.

Don't wait, download PLITCH now and redefine your Sengoku Dynasty experience. Game on, your way!

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