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STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds Saga Cheats

STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds Saga PC Cheats & Trainer

Plitch Cheat-codes for STAR WARS Galactic Battlegrounds Saga

STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga – Ready for the Galatic Civil War?

Experience the thrills of leading the great armies of the Star Wars™ Episode II: Attack of the Clones saga in intense real-time strategy clashes with STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga. You can enter the battles as the Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Wookies, Trade Federation, Gungans, or Royal Naboo to influence the course of the Galactic Civil War. If you need assistance with winning the war, activate PLITCH’s cheat codes. You'll come out on top with the STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga cheats from our STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga trainer.
Developer: Ensemble Studios
Publisher: LucasArts, Lucasfilm, Disney
Release Year: 2001
Last Update: 8/4/2022
Latest Game Version: 1.1
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First

Prepare (Resources)


Add Nova

Add Carbon


Reset Nova To 0

Reset Carbon To 0

Premium Cheats


Add Food

Add Ore


Godmode (All Heroes)


Easy Kills (Mouse Over Unit)


Reset Food To 0

Reset Ore To 0

Player general

Set Max Population

Cheat Description

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