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Survival: Fountain of Youth

Survival: Fountain of Youth
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

Activate First



Set Breath (default on land = 0; in water = 48)

Player general

Refill Energy

Refill Health

Low Health

Refill Stamina

Premium Cheats


No Items/Ammo Decrease On Usage


Unlimited Health

Unlimited Stamina

Unlimited Breath

Unlimited Concentration

Unlimited Energy

No Thirst

No Hunger


Unlimited Perk Points

Set Perk Points

Add Swim XP

Add Travel XP

Add Power XP

Add Sail XP


Refill Selected Item Durability

Set Selected Item Max Durability

Set Selected Item Max Weight

Set Selected Item Level


Unlimited Carry Capacity

Zero Weight

Always Day Time

Always Night Time

Sunburn Bar Never Fills

Instant Dry

Overheat Bar Never Fills

Freeze Bar Never Fills

Malaria Bar Never Fills

Set Current Weight

Set Total Weight (default = 0) (adds additional Capacity)

Player attributes

Set Crafting (Max = 10)

Set Fire Making (Max = 10)

Set Cooking (Max = 10)

Set Skinning (Max = 10)

Set Throwing (Max = 10)

Set Shooting (Max = 10)

Set Strength (Max = 10)

Set Athletics (Max = 10)

Set Swimming (Max = 10)

Set Drying (Max = 10)

Set Mapping (Max = 10)

Set Sailing (Max = 10)

Set Fishing (Max = 10)

Set Repairing (Max = 10)

Set Medicine (Max = 10)

Set Gathering (Max = 10)

Set Concentration (Max = 3)

Set Resist Disease (Max = 3)

Set Resist Poison (Max = 3)

Set Thirst Control (Max = 3)

Set Hunger Control (Max = 3)

Set Better Sleep (Max = 3)

Set Learning (Max = 3)

Set Alchemistry (Max = 3)

Player general

Refill Water

Low Water

Refill Food

Low Food


Max Crafting

Max Fire Making

Max Cooking

Max Skinning

Max Throwing

Max Shooting

Max Strength

Max Athletics

Max Swimming

Max Drying

Max Mapping

Max Sailing

Max Fishing

Max Repairing

Max Medicine

Max Gathering

Max Concentration

Max Resist Disease

Max Resist Poison

Max Thirst Control

Max Hunger Control

Max Better Sleep

Max Learning

Max Alchemistry

Cheat Description
Survival: Fountain of Youth Cheats
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About: Survival: Fountain of Youth

Survival: Fountain of Youth – Survive as a shipwrecked explorer!

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime in Survival: Fountain of Youth! This action-packed, single-player, open-world survival game takes place on the swashbuckling high seas of the 16th-century Caribbean. Play as a shipwrecked explorer in search of shelter, tools, and secrets to uncover the thrills around every corner. Build your own arsenal of weapons and resources to survive whatever fate throws your way. Explore uncharted territory and unravel the mysteries left behind by an ancient civilization as you sniff out hidden treasures and manifestations of power. If you need some help to survive the harsh circumstances, don't hesitate to activate PLITCH's Survival: Fountain of Youth cheats. The cheat codes from our Survival: Fountain of Youth trainer will have your back in every situation.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Odinsoft Inc.
Publisher: Twin Sails Interactive
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 5/24/2023
Latest Game Version: rc_Build_1291

Welcome to the 16th century!

Survive the rough seas of the Caribbean with PLITCH’s Survival: Fountain of Youth Cheats

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With PLITCH, you can unlock a variety of Survival: Fountain of Youth cheats that can make your survival journey in the game much easier. Want unlimited stamina, health, or carry capacity? PLITCH has got you covered. You can also use the trainer to unlock perk points or make the game harder to make your gameplay more exciting.

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4/21/2023 7:44:34 AM