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Until We Die
Until We Die Cheats

Until We Die PC Cheats & Trainer

Plitch Cheat-codes for Until We Die

Until We Die - Defend your base against mutated monsters with frightened colleagues

The game Until We Die by the developer studio Pixeye Games is about the battle for the survival of people in the underground against mutated monsters. Ivan commands the last survivors and defends his base in the subway tunnels. Be well prepared when you take on his role and stop the huge waves of monsters. You'll also have to play a good leader since your comrades won't do anything without your instruction. Build up and improve your defenses using different technologies, and equip yourself ahead of time with our exclusive Training-Codes and Cheats from PLITCH to be ready for anything.
Developer: Pixeye Games
Publisher: Pixeye Games
Release Year: 2021
Last Update: 7/21/2021
Latest Game Version: 2021-07-21
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First



Low Stamina

Low Health

Player positions

Set Movement-Speed (default = 5.2)

Player general

Refill Stamina

Refill Health

Premium Cheats


Add Gears

Add Food

Add Water


No Reload

Set Ammo (Current Weapon)



Unlimited Stamina

Invincible: ON

Invincible: OFF


Reset Gears to 0

Reset Food to 0

Reset Water to 0

Player positions

Increase Position X

Decrease Position X

Cheat Description

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