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Wild West Dynasty

Wild West Dynasty
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

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Refill health

Refill food

Refill water

Set poisoning to 0

Player attributes

Increase age

Decrease age

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Infinite Health

Max 50% Health

Max 25% Health

Infinite Food

Max 50% Food

Max 25% Food

Infinite Water

Max 50% Water

Max 25% Water

Never poisoned

Min 25% poisoned

Min 50% poisoned

No stamina decrease


Increase experience

Decrease experience

Increase skill points

Decrease skill points


Maximum backpack weight

Infinite Durability (Tools)

Infinite Durability (Items)

Infinite Durability (Food)

Cheat Description
Wild West Dynasty Cheats
PLITCH is an independent PC software with 53500+ cheats for 3900+ PC games, including 28 cheats for Wild West Dynasty
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About: Wild West Dynasty

Wild West Dynasty - Will you make your mark on the Wild West?

Yeehaw! Saddle up and ride into the Wild West with Wild West Dynasty. In this adventure game, you'll have a real hankerin' to build the great settlements of the West. Manage resources, construct buildings, and grow your own ranch – soon enough more settlers will follow, hungry for happiness and prosperity in your dynasty. Will you see your settlement flourish? With PLITCH’s Wild West Dynasty PC cheats, you definitely will. The cheat codes from our Wild West Dynasty trainer will help you in any situation.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Moon Punch Studio
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 3/13/2023
Latest Game Version: 0.1.7554

Welcome to the Wild West!

Build a flourishing settlement with PLITCH’s Wild West Dynasty PC cheats

How can the Wild West Dynasty trainer from PLITCH enhance your gaming experience?

Are you ever frustrated with the tediousness of playing a game the same way, level after level? Do you take pleasure in rebelling against the system and changing things up? Then PLITCH’s Wild West Dynasty PC cheats are just the thing for you! With our Wild West Dynasty trainer, you can customize your gaming experience to however you want it to be. Want to go rogue and make your own rules? We got you covered!

You can find 28 cheat codes in our Wild West Dynasty trainer with which you can adjust the game to make it easier or harder. Combining our easy and hard codes is, of course, also possible and will make the game even more entertaining. How about you try playing with infinite health but decrease your XP or skill points? Sky’s the limit with PLITCH’s Wild West Dynasty PC cheats!

Our cheat codes give you control like never before - it's like rewriting history! So don't waste any more time – get PLITCH, activate your favorite Wild West Dynasty cheat codes, and make the game yours today!

Happy Gaming!

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Wild West Dynasty Community Board

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