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Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2
PC Cheats & Trainer


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Sub money


Get item amount on sell

Get 10x item amount on sell


Unlimited ammo

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3x engineer speed

10x engineer speed

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3x building speed

10x building speed

Instant build

50% building speed


Enemies low ammo

Fast enemy time unit decrease

Easy kill


3x research speed

10x research speed

Instant research

50% research speed

Cheat Description
Xenonauts 2 Cheats
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About: Xenonauts 2

Xenonauts 2 - Stop the aliens!

In Xenonauts 2, command a multinational military organization to combat an escalating alien threat. Lead covert operations, establish global bases, and advance technology to counter the alien invaders. Train and lead ground troops in the fight against the alien threat. Engage in strategic gameplay and eliminate the alien presence worldwide. Need some help? PLITCH's Xenonauts 2 cheats are ready to save the day whenever you need them. Just activate the cheat codes you like from our Xenonauts 2 trainer and enjoy the game!
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Goldhawk Interactive
Publisher: Hooded Horse
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/19/2023
Latest Game Version: Milestone 1.33

Battle against an alien threat!

Counter the invaders with PLITCH’s Xenonauts 2 cheats

What does our Xenonauts 2 trainer have to offer?

If you're playing Xenonauts 2 on PC, we've got some exciting news for you! PLITCH is offering an incredible game trainer packed with a variety of Xenonauts 2 cheat codes exclusively for your single-player adventure. Now, you might think that cheating is frowned upon, but here's the twist – we believe it can be a positive and exciting experience!

With our Xenonauts 2 game trainer, you'll unlock a whole new world of possibilities. Those tough missions? No problem anymore! You'll breeze through them and delve deeper into the game's content than ever before. Imagine unlimited ammo, invincibility, and low-ammo enemies – all tailored to your preferences!

The best part? With our Xenonauts 2 cheats, you'll have the freedom to strategize, experiment, and fully immerse yourself in the game without fear of failure. It's all about embracing creativity and enjoying the compelling story and gameplay at your own pace.

So as you dive into the single-player world of Xenonauts 2, don't hold back! Our PLITCH cheats will allow you to have a blast, unleash your imagination, and explore every aspect of the game without the pressure of conventional challenges. Get ready to push the limits and embark on an unforgettable Xenonauts 2 adventure with our game trainer today!

Happy Gaming!

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