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Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Yet Another Zombie Survivors
PC Cheats & Trainer


Free Cheats

Activate First



No Money Collection

5x Money Collected


300 RPM (Fire Rate)

Fast Reload


Player takes 0.8x Damage

Player takes 1.5x Damage

Player takes 100x Damage



2x XP


Enemies take 0.1x Damage

Enemies take 0.5x Damage

Enemies take 1.2x Damage

Premium Cheats


10x Money Collected

25x Money Collected

100x Money Collected


600 RPM (Fire Rate)

900 RPM (Fire Rate)

3000 RPM (Fire Rate)

∞ RPM (Fire Rate)

Faster Reload

Instant Reload



Player takes 0.3x Damage

Player takes 0.5x Damage


10x XP

100x XP


Enemies take 1.5x Damage

Enemies take 2x Damage

Enemies take 3x Damage

Enemies take 100x Damage

Cheat Description
Yet Another Zombie Survivors Cheats
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About: Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Yet Another Zombie Survivors – Fight. Survive. Evolve.

In Yet Another Zombie Survivors, assemble your enhanced team to battle the oncoming horde. Push boundaries, evolve, and survive in this addictive reverse bullet hell. No more hiding - make the undead pay for their existence. With simple controls and no cutscenes, jump into the fray and enjoy the fireworks. It's a game for everyone, where characters automatically aim and shoot. Sit back and experience the thrilling survivor-like gameplay loop. To add an extra thrill to the game, try PLITCH’s Yet Another Zombie Survivors cheats. The cheat codes included in our Yet Another Zombie Survivors trainer allow you to customize the game to your liking and have a unique gaming experience.
Supported Game Platforms
Developer: Awesome Games Studio
Publisher: Awesome Games Studio
Release Year: 2023
Last Update: 9/13/2023
Latest Game Version: 2023/9/12/15/5#B.0.3.3

Ready for the reverse bullet hell?

Fight back with PLITCH’s Yet Another Zombie Survivors cheats

What does our Yet Another Zombie Survivors trainer have to offer?

Hey there, fellow gamer! Let's talk about Yet Another Zombie Survivors and how PLITCH can enhance your experience with its awesome game trainer for the PC version.

Are you ready to take on the zombie apocalypse in single-player mode? PLITCH has got your back with its incredible Yet Another Zombie Survivors cheats! With PLITCH, cheating is all about increasing your enjoyment and customizing the game to suit your playstyle.

With our Yet Another Zombie Survivors cheats you can adjust your fire rate and reload time to wipe out hordes of undead. Gain invincibility to become the ultimate survivor, or make the game harder with our "no XP" or "no money collection" codes to create your own unique zombie-filled adventure. It's all about having fun and exploring the game in ways you never thought possible!

So, embrace the fun side of cheating with PLITCH's Yet Another Zombie Survivors game trainer. Turn your PC gaming experience into an unforgettable and thrilling adventure as you reign supreme in this apocalyptic world. Get ready to unleash chaos and mayhem, and remember – it's all about making the game truly your own!

Happy Gaming!

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Yet Another Zombie Survivors Community Board

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