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Age of Empires IV Cheats

Age of Empires IV CHEATS & TRAINER

Plitch Cheat-codes for Age of Empires IV

Age of Empires IV – A classic RTS for a new generation

From the medieval period to the dawn of the Enlightenment, it's time to be a king again. Rule wisely over your people and build an empire that will last for centuries! With challenging gameplay and historical accuracy, Age of Empires IV is set in realistic sceneries based on actual historic regions, including parts of the world never seen before in this series! Organize armies across vast landscapes to forge an empire that will outshine all of the others. PLITCH is the perfect assistant for this game. Gain access to everything you need with just the push of a button thanks to our Age of Empires IV Trainer. Become king and conqueror with our Age of Empires IV cheats and codes!
Developer: Relic Entertainment, World's Edge
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Release Year: 2021
Last Update: 5/3/2022
Latest Game Version: 5.0.14681.0
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First



Add Food

Premium Cheats


Min 5,000 resources

Add Wood

Add Gold

Add Stone

Zero Food

Zero Wood

Zero Gold

Zero Stone


Auto-heal buildings

Godmode (units + buildings)


Super unit limit

Fast recruit + research


Fast build


No resources for AI

Min 1,000 resources for AI

Low health AI buildings

Instant kill AI buildings

Auto-heal AI buildings

Low health AI (units + buildings)

OneHitKill (AI units + buildings)

Godmode AI (units + buildings)


Fast research + upgrade

Cheat Description

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