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Anno 1800
Anno 1800 Cheats

Anno 1800 PC Cheats & Trainer

Create a new world with PLITCH

Discover Anno 1800 and build your perfect world with our PC cheats

The most useful Anno 1800 cheats at a glance

In Anno 1800, it's not only about having a lot of money so that you can build your perfect city, but also your Influence must be high and your Diplomacy has to be on point for you to be successful. Furthermore, you must always keep an eye on your resources in this game, so that setting up the economy works smoothly.

With the PLITCH money cheat you can easily increase your income and get infinite money. We also offer cheats for infinite influence and infinite resources which you can unlock by simply pressing a key. You can easily reassign the keys, no matter if you are a free or premium user, so that the default key settings won't get in your way.

For resources, there are even four different cheats in our all-in-one trainer that you can use for infinite resources. Pick your favorite resource cheat and play the way you like.

Here's a tip for resources: you may prefer to fill up your resources and raw materials only up to 50% in the game, otherwise your production chains could come to a stop, which is often annoying and spoils the fun of the game. If your resource storages are not completely full during your gameplay, your production will continue smoothly and you will always have plenty of goods and enough raw materials to keep building and creating products.

You can get more raw materials by using the resource cheats to increase them. You can also obtain reinforced concrete by doing so.

To ensure you have fun at the game, there is PLITCH's cheat sheet, with which you can easily increase the Influence or simply get money into your account using cheats.

There is no shame in cheating in single-player games - quite the opposite! Cheating in single-player allows you to enhance your gameplay and get more for the money you spent on the game. Download the PLITCH trainer right now and see for yourself. Also assign your desired key combinations to your favorite cheats right away. The performance of our trainers is always specifically tested by our patching team, so you can be sure that everything works.

It's also always important that you can quickly explore the map and sail away victoriously with your ships after any confrontation at sea and return to your home port. That's why PLITCH offers you instant ship-building as well as Godmode for your ships. Even if things get dicey and you're afraid you won't return to port alive because pirates might suddenly appear, you can always rely on our Anno 1800 trainer to bail you out.

If you want to end a war, these ship cheats are also very helpful. You can use them to force peace. Your ships will have to leave port and fight the battle to do so, but it will make the gameplay more fun.

Anno 1800 Tips and Tricks Guides

There are not only PC cheat tables specifically programmed for you by our software developers on PLITCH for Anno 1800, but also guides that you can read to learn more about Anno 1800 in the best way possible and to improve your knowledge. We are happy to provide you with more information on our games.

You can find the posts about tips, tricks and how to cheat best in single-player in our forum. There, we also explain how our cheats work. There are posts that will help you to easily earn money in Anno 1800, and one that will help you with Diplomacy and that will teach you how to get Influence quickly.

With the help of our tips and tricks, you will learn a lot that will enhance your gaming experience and thus fill your knowledge gaps. All the gaming sessions you'll have in the future will be improved by using our PLITCH trainer for Anno 1800, as all the boring sections can be avoided and minimized in no time. You can activate the cheats in the trainer with simple key combinations. Our cheat engine will make your gameplay easier, no matter which single-player mode you choose.

You only have to download the free PLITCH trainer and you can start cheating. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team, who will forward your specific questions to our cheat program developers. You can also start cheating right away with the free cheats. The keys for the cheats can also be assigned individually.

What will be your city layout in Anno 1800? The gaming fun is waiting for you. With PLITCH, you can simply get all your resources and raw materials, such as reinforced concrete. PLITCH will always help you when you need it and you don't have to worry about viruses, because PLITCH is constantly checked and tested for viruses. PLITCH - Cheating Done Right!

Plitch Cheat-codes for Anno 1800

This Video shows our old software the Mega Trainer by MegaDev. Although PLITCH looks a bit different, all cheats and functions still work the same.

Anno 1800: Become the leader of the Industrial Revolution!

Anno 1800 is a new adventure in the popular Anno series from Blue Byte. Create a new world, according to your wishes and desires. Become the pioneer of an era filled with groundbreaking discoveries and technological developments. The new Anno adventure combines popular features from over 20 years of Anno’s history and developer experience and adds new awesome features. PLITCH accompanies you on your journey and provides you with our exclusive Training-Codes and Cheats!
Developer: Blue Byte
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Year: 2019
Last Update: 6/29/2022
Latest Game Version: 14.3.1118176
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First



Minimum 50,000 Credits

Min 50% oil (open oil harbor)


Min 50% of available resources (open harbor)

Min 50% of all resources (open harbor)


+10 Influence

Premium Cheats


+100,000 Credits

+1,000,000 Credits

Increase Researchpoints

+10,000 Credits


Godmode Ship


Max all resources (open harbor)

Max available resources (open harbor)


Full expedition morale


Instant build ships (in selected shipyard)


Max diplomacy value (open diplomacy screen)


Max Influence

Cheat Description

This Video shows our old software the Mega Trainer by MegaDev. Although PLITCH looks a bit different, all cheats and functions still work the same.

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