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Bakery Simulator Cheats

Bakery Simulator CHEATS & TRAINER

Plitch Cheat-codes for Bakery Simulator

Bakery Simulator – Guaranteed to bake your day

Rise and shine, aspiring bakers! Get up before sunrise and work your way up the bakery ladder. Learn to bake dozens of delicious types of bread, using realistic machines. Deliver orders to stores around town and earn money to invest in your bakery. Create unique recipes or experiment with ingredients - the choice is yours! With Bakery Simulator, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of a real bakery. Your pies and cakes don’t turn out the way you want them to? You feel overwhelmed by your daily tasks? PLITCH’s cheat codes got you covered! Our Bakery Simulator Trainer and Bakery Simulator codes will make sure that you’ll become the best baker ever!
Developer: Live Motion Games
Publisher: Gaming Factory S.A., Ultimate Games S.A
Release Year: 2022
Last Update: 5/16/2022
Latest Game Version: 1.2.8
Supported Game Platforms

Free Cheats

Activate First



Add Money

Player general

Add Day

Premium Cheats


Set Money to 0


Add Experience

Set Experience to 0

Add Reputation

Set Reputation to 0


Infinite Job Time

Player general

Set Movement speed

Set back to day 1

Cheat Description

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